Often stoners ask whether it is necessary to take big hit or just a smaller one to get a high. The whole idea of smoking is after all to obtain as much bang as possible and hence, most stoners think that the size of the hit and also the duration you hold will ultimately decide your effects.

Is that really true? Let us try to find out in this article. In the meantime, if you are looking for any online headshop then the best thing will be to visit the website and choose your smoke device as per your choice.

What really happens while breathing in cannabis smoke?

Let me tell you in the beginning that by taking a big hit and holding them for the longer time has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the weed. Let us try to understand how.

  1. Absorption of cannabinoid is instantaneous

As soon as you inhale cannabis, your lungs that contain alveoli will grab oxygen immediately and all other chemicals like CBD, THC and CBN will be transferred to your bloodstream. THC will get transferred to make you high.

  1. Inefficient transfer

Even the healthiest lungs have the capacity to absorb only 5% oxygen and any other compounds, so how much you inhale and how long you hold it does not matter at all. 

  1. It is only deprivation of oxygen

Actually, the feeling of high that you get is not because of your high hit but due to oxygen deprivation, which is in fact very unhealthy too. By holding the smoke longer, you are simply allowing contaminants to enter your lungs.

So, big hit or small hit?

If you ask me neither of them will help you to get high. Rather deep and steady hits will be best way instead of massive or tiny hits. Try to breathe in smoke slowly for few seconds, then try to exhale naturally after filling up your lungs. Thus, you can save your lungs and also optimise cannabinoid stream flowing in.

Trying bong?

In case you feel that you are not getting enough kick out of your smoking through bong then you can try following few things to spice up your bong smoking.

  1. Maintain your bong clean

If your bong is dirty then no matter whatever hit you take, it will be a dirty one. On top of that, if you are trying to hold your smoke then you are simply asking for trouble.

  1. Percolators

Use percolator which will act like a better filter.

  1. Lighter alternatives

Try using hemp wick to make your weed lighter and get more natural flavour as well as overall experience.

  1. Ice catchers

Also, ice catchers are another great way to get a silky-smooth feel of smoke.

Trying joints?

You may also enhance your experience with joints with the following tips.

  1. Unbleached rolling papers

Unbleached rolling papers will offer much cleaner and even burning experience.

  1. Use a grinder

For achieving slow and consistent burn, grinding the weed with even consistency is needed

  1. Roll it properly

You need to learn the trick of rolling, which is little bit of art.