Hi Friend.. I'm Your all time Divyanshi  . This my second blog that is also about coronavirus or covid-19 part-2. Firstly I want to thank the people from the previous blog. thanks to   :

1. the doctors 

2. the policemen 

3. our prime minister

4. the cleaners

5. our army

But , with every report on news chenals we should always thank these people to   :

1. the media men

2. vegetable seller 

3. the milkmen 

4. chemists 

5.supper market owners 

I would like to show you some top newspaper headings :

1. For how long can India remain safe from coronavirus ? fear strikes after new data.

2. India has an innate , natural defense against coronavirus ?

3. India faces up to potential corona virus crisis , but is the country really prepared for a 21 day lockdown ?

4. Million in India under coronavirus lockdown as major cities restrict daily life.

5. Coronavirus : Trump activates national gaurd in hardest-hit states - as it happens.

6. Delhi government to issue e-passes to vegetables sellers , grocers etc to ensure supplies during lockdown .

7. Armed forces to work beyond mandate to support nation in battling covid-19.

8. 4 new corona virus positive cases reported in Rajesthan. 

9. 1 tested positive in Mizoram.

10. Italy infected see slight dip but death troll goes up by 743.

  So , again I would like to inform you about being safe as its " CORONA TIME"😡