People look to psychics for information, insight, and advice. A gifted psychic can provide all that. However, while there are a lot of gifted ones out there, there are several fakes, as well. It makes sense to be wary and careful when you choose one. Here are several tips to help you. 

Look for Details

True psychics can give you relevant and accurate information, the Longevity Line says. If the reader is making claims that could apply to just about anyone, that’s a sign that you may need to consider another psychic. By being familiar with that trick, you can tell if you’re dealing with a fake or a real one. 

Ask for Details

Does the psychic ask you for important details? You may not be aware that s/he is even doing that, which is a common mistake that a lot of people make. What you can do is limit your answers to as few words and details as possible. If the psychic keeps on pressing for more details, that’s mean’s you’re being played, the Thrillist says. End the session and walk away. 

Watches for Your Reaction
It’s entirely normal for the psychic to focus and pay attention to you throughout the reading. That makes for good engagement. However, if you feel like the psychic is much too focused on your reactions and seems to read even your slightest movements, s/he could be basing the reading on your reactions and expressions, both conscious and unconscious ones. That’s not a good reading. It’s another trick that you should be wary of. 

Check for Credentials

When you look for a “psychic near me,” find one with the proper credentials. Someone who’s had years of experience providing psychic readings to clients is a good candidate. If the psychic has only been in the business for less than a year or doesn’t have a track record to speak of, it may be best to move on to other options in the area. 

Consider Your Comfort Level

How comfortable are you? It’s normal to feel wary and nervous about your first psychic reading. But if you feel like something isn’t right or that the reader isn’t taking you seriously take note of those details. Don't dismiss them out of hand. That may be your instincts warning you off. Pay attention. 

Read the Reviews

Reviews are helpful. They give insight into the psychic. They give helpful details, some of which may even stand out and provide you with information you need to decide whether you’ll make an appointment or keep looking for a psychic reader.

Know the Basics

Be sure to cover the basic details. For instance, how much does each session cost? What’s covered in that rate? What topics can you talk about? And what will happen during the session? Should you do anything to prepare, other than bringing an open mind? Some readers use tarot cards, while others read the client’s palm. Some clients just ask questions. Ask the psychic about that before you call and set up a session.