Here are the 8 best free online alien name generator websites. These are very useful if you have some alien picture in your imagination, you’ve drawn some alien character, or you didn’t like the name of some alien you’ve seen in movies and want to give it a name. Whatever the reason may be, these sites will help you out. Your alien could be sweet, dangerous, funny, etc., you can check which name would be suitable for it by generating alien names.

All these sites are very simple to use. All of these sites generate an alien name automatically and a couple of sites let you add starting characters to generate alien names starting with that character or alphabet. These sites don’t need any signs up which is good.

Let’s check these free online alien name generators.


NGenerators is one of my favorite alien name generator websites on this list. The reason e why this website is better than other sites is you can generate multiple alien names (5 at a time) by clicking on a single button and then you can match combinations to have a perfect alien name. You can also view the list of available alien names which includes hundreds of names.

The 5 alien names generated by you are visible on the left side. Just below that list, it will show the list of available alien names. Both the names and combinations would be weird and suitable for some alien character. So, generate alien names and match the combinations. Keep the final list and then use that list.

This website also provides Angel Name Generator, Dark Elf Name Generator, Argonian Name Generator, etc. It has multiple benefits and that’s why it is definitely a good alien name generator. catches the attention easily. The reason is that it works in a bit different manner to generate alien names. It lets you generate a name for male as well as female aliens. So, whatever character you have in your imagination, will generate suitable alien names for that character.

Another interesting feature is that for each alien name, it also provides characteristics for that alien. For example, for an alien name, it can show that the alien has 12 arms and he is the blacksmith in his colony. This makes the website more interesting and it will also increase your curiosity to find more and more names.

At once, it generates 5 alien names. You can use it again? button to find more alien names.

The name generator website is similar to the Best little baby website. It also lets you select alien gender to get the names. Another good feature of this website is you can select how many names you want to generate. There are pre-defined options (1, 5, 10, 20, 15, 25, 30) to generate alien names.

For each alien, it also provides a short description. For example, one alien could be the ruler of his village, another one could be fast and strong, and so on. In addition to that, you can also add first and second characters to find alien names. This feature is good but most of the time it shows no results that can match the criteria. So, it is good to use this website without any character suggestions. is one of the good alien name generator websites. It can generate 21 random alien names in just a click. If you like some names, you can add them to your favorites. After that, you can access all those favorite names, and then copy them for use. This website generates names that could suit alien appearance, character, etc. So, this can definitely be a handy option to try.

The best part about this site is you can generate names by adding 3 preferred letters. If there is no result, then you can try with some other letters or simply generate random names using the available button. website is a good competitor to above mentioned alien name generator website. This website also provides 21 alien names in one shot. There is a Generate new button that provides 21 names. Each time you press that button, alien's names are presented on the bottom part.

This website has many other features. For example, it provides a random number generator, PIN generator, Noun generator, Word generator, RAP name generator, YouTube name generator, Business name generator, Color palette generator, Fake credit card generator, and more. is a simple website where it generates 10 random alien names in one click. Just press Get alien names and 10 names will be given to you. As per the website, the names are divided into 3 categories. The first four names are more guttural, the next 3 names are melodic, and the last 3 names are in between melodic and guttural.

So, you just need to press a single button, view the available names, note down the ones that you like, and repeat the cycle. Those who want a simpler website for generating alien names should be given a try.

SciFi Ideas

SciFi Ideas is the simplest website on this list for generating alien names. Like Fantasy name generators (which is mentioned above), it also generates alien words automatically. But, only 3 random names are generated by it. You just need to refresh the webpage to get the next 3 names and so on.

Apart from alien name generators, this website has other name generators also. These include character name generators, planet name generators, spaceship name generators, etc. brings two types of alien name generators: 90’s Alien Name Generator and Retro Alien Name Generator. You can use any of the available options and then generate random alien names. A maximum of 5 names is generated at once.

Some names are really cool and others are not. But, you can find plenty of names. Just press the Generate button again and again and you will have new names. Copy the ones that you find interesting and then you can use them.

The Conclusion:

Here I wrap up this list which covers the best free online alien name generators. You will find a lot of interesting, weird, and new names. The best part is multiple names are provided with just a single click and you can get more names with every click. Try these alien name generator websites.