Fix TurboTax Error Code 65535

Is error code 65535 giving you a hard time while using TurboTax software? It is probably yes, as general installation error can arise in your Windows 7,8,10, Vista and XP. This installation error will not let you install or update the TurboTax error on your system. You can reach out to experts by dialing TurboTax Support Number available at all hours to help you resolve the issue you face. You can even read this blog to know more about TurboTax error code 65535.

Why TurboTax Error 65535 Occurred?

Thinking why TurboTax error code 65535 occurs in the first place? It arises because of the following reasons:

  • If you installed corrupted software on your computer 
  • Corrupted Windows registry files can be the probable cause behind error 65535
  • Due to incomplete or failed installation of the TurboTax 
  • Your system is infected with various malware and viruses
  • When infected file corrupts your TurboTax software or OS.

How to Resolve Error Code 65535 in TurboTax?

You need to perform these solutions that are mentioned below to fix TurboTax error 65535:

How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 Windows XP and Vista?

  • Open your Windows XP system, and if the online back-up is running, you need to disable it.
  • You also have to disable the antivirus software and firewall of your computer
  • Now, you are good to implement installation or update steps for the TurboTax software.
  • At last, you can re-enable the antivirus software or firewalls.

How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 on Windows 7?

  • First, you need to log into your Windows 7 system as an administrator.
  • Then you have to disable all the security software and third-party software.
  • Once done, you can install or update the TurboTax software.
  • In the end, re-enable the security software.

How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 on Windows 8?

  • You need to tap on the Taskbar > Task Manager > More Details > Service
  • When you see the status of the misserver showing "running," then wait till the time Windows 8 has completed the installation of another software or file.
  • Once the installation of TurboTax is finished, you can reinstall or install it on your system.

How to Resolve TurboTax Error 65535 on Windows 10?

  • Click on the Taskbar > Task Manager 
  • After that search for "Intuit update service" and once you find it click on the "end process." 
  • Now click on the details and then search for "exe" file
  • Then close the Taskbar, and after that, you can update or reinstall the software.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting steps will help you resolve the TurboTax error code 65535; however, if the error exists, then getting connected with certified experts is best. You can call TurboTax Customer Service Number to get the required assistance for resolving the error code faced by you.

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