Come winter and i am reminded of the following Gujarati food which I miss the most even today :

 1. Oondhiya (assorted cooked vegetables with oil gleefully floating over them) ; Oondhiya is eaten with soft poori.

 2. Bajra na rotla with hola (baingan ka bartha), jaggery and buttermilk or hot milk

 3. Methi na gota (methi/masala vada) with thick khadi

 4. Methi na tepla (methi roti) with sour mirchi & pickle

 5. Churma na ladva (laddoo)

 6. Til & Peanut chikki as well as laddoo

 7. Farsi poori & thikka gaatiya 

 When will i have this food again ? 

Trust Gujarati to enjoy their food. They give full justice to their taste buds. You visit any Gujarati house, i guarantee you will be overwhelmed & humbled by their hospitality !

 You know Gujarati have always firmly believed in Ayurveda. In fact, their philosophy of life is based on Ayurveda which is reflected in their food habits.

 Where there is a Gujarati, there is food & hospitality !!