If your quickbooks showing this types of errors such as [OL-200], [OL-202], [OL-206], or [OL-226] then this may happen if there was a connection interruption (system crash, power outage, firewall problem, damaged online vendor payee, or a bill payment partially received by bank) in the last online banking session. 

To resolve this error you should use this quickbooks data recovery software which successfully recovers all types of information from the corrupt or damaged QBW files.

The main feature of this software is that it recover QuickBooks files anyway whatever is the reason of damage like virus attack, improper shutdown of system, application malfunction and user errors.

This software enable the users to select single as well as multiple files as per their requirements and then after this software efficiently repair all seleted quickbooks data. All the damaged quickbooks data can be easily recover by this software. 

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