History is witness to the fact that traveling is what leads to some of the greatest discoveries and inventions. We often come across people who are so unique and different to talk to, that we feel that they are from some other planet. And, this is the one big change that most fellow travellers see in themselves. All those who travel will definitely agree that you can learn all that your books didn’t teach you, with the new experiences that you observe. In fact, it won’t be incorrect to say that travel makes the mind more open to ideas.

Still, wondering how one can be more modest and open to new things by traveling? Here are a few examples to show you just how.

A recent study conducted by Adam Galinsky shows the deep correlation that is established between traveling and an increase in cognitive ability. As per him, the more a person travels the more they go through critical processes such as multicultural engagement and adaptation as well. Going through these new experiences, meeting new people, staying at homestays, and even eating new cuisines all account for the cognitive growth of a person.

As much as travellers keep saying that their travel has changed them, it is very difficult for non-travellers to understand that. It is no surprise that most people would rather spend all their hard-earned money just to travel because indeed travel changes you. It makes you a more tolerant and observant person, who lives a happier and healthier life. One of the other big spurts you see is in the level of creativity. Once you travel to new places - see and do new things, you will never look at life the same way again. Your mind becomes a parachute that is waiting to burst open with new ideas and this is what will increase the creativity quotient.

They say that the grass on the other side looks greener, but when a person actually travels to the other side they see how similar things can be in terms of challenges. One of the major reasons why humanity is going for a toss is because we all feel that the others are more blessed. Traveling to new places will show you the stark reality. It helps open your eyes and mindset to absorb the reality, that life is the same and the struggles are also real. It also makes you accept the fact that people are the same irrespective of their caste and religion.

Stuck in a robotic 9 to 5 life, it is your travel escapades that give you the chance to hit the pause button and relax. As stressful life may be stuck in the chaos of corporate and family life, travel is what gives you the ultimate break. It gives you a chance to de-stress and value the small joys that one gets away from the maddening number-crunching world.

Travel indeed helps people clear whatever inhibitions they have regarding themselves. Whether it is a writer’s block or the desire to give up. Just pack your bags and set out to travel with no destination in mind. After all, it is the journey that matters and not the final destination.

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