Just when you think you’ve experienced the greatest of travels, one comes across a region that’s most often looked over by many frequent travellers. Located in the northeastern region of India resides, ‘Meghalaya,’ a land that is abundant in beauty and heritage.

Once a part of Assam, the entire region is truly a stunning area, filled with the most unexpected of things. Popularly referred to as the ‘Abode of the Clouds,’ Meghalaya has been commonly recognised as the wettest region in the whole world.

If you’re someone who loves the rains and can’t wait for the showers to pour down, ‘ Meghalaya,’ has got to be the place you’ve been missing out on. So if you’re looking for a  monsoon travel destination, what better itinerary than to make your way to a region that’s filled with dense rainfall.

Tourists travelling to the region for the first time, are fortunate enough to witness the states tribal population - that makes up for a majority part of the state. The Pnars, Garos and Khasis, are the prominent tribes in Meghalaya and make most of their earnings through the cultivation of the lands. 

The entire state is filled with about three major hills that account for most of the tourist attractions in the state. The Jaintia Hills on the eastern side, the  Khasi Hills in the central region and the Garo Hills on the western parts of the land.

Find some of the most visited tourist places to visit in Meghalaya right here. 

Tourist places to Visit in Meghalaya

Though there are a plethora of attractions across the entire state, we’ve given you a comprehensive view of some of the popular tourist places to visit in Meghalaya.

1. Living Root Bridges

2. Mawlynnong

3. Dawki–Shnongpdeng

4. Krang Suri Falls

Living Root Bridges

Image Credit - Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Living Root Bridges,’ widely recognised as one of the most sought after and famous attractions in Meghalaya, is a definite try for first-time tourists. Found located in the midst of dense tropical forests, and shrouded in rain almost all through the year, the ‘Living Root Bridges,’ is a man-made wonder that’s truly remarkable.

It was first invented by the locals from the ‘Khasi tribe,’ years ago. The folks of the tribe owe complete credit for having grown the tree, right from its very roots. 


Image Credit - Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Mawlynnong village,’ is located in very close proximity to the ‘living root bridge,’ and is very much accessible with much ease. The ‘‘Mawlynnong village,’ is known to be the ‘Cleanest Village in Asia,’ and has been widely acclaimed for its cleanliness over the years.

The village isn’t just a serene attraction to explore but has also gone one step ahead, with the construction of the ‘Sky View platform.’ This is a platform, located at a height of about 80 feet up from wherein tourists can witness some breathtaking views. 


Image Credit - Pixabay

Situated in the ‘ West Jaintia Hills,’ the ‘Dawki–Shnongpdeng,’ finds itself located just about an hour to the eastern side of the Mawlynnong village. This little border town gives tourists an opportunity to explore the ‘Umngot River,’ a pristine emerald in the midst of this quaint town.

What’s strikingly alarming is the lack of security in the town, given the fact that it has been regarded as the ‘International Radcliffe Line border,’ between the countries of India and Bangladesh. 

Krang Suri Falls

Image Credit - Wikimedia Commons

Meghalaya has been renowned for a great number of attractions and activities over the years. Though most tourists head over to explore some of the most talked-about adventures, the ‘Krang Suri,’ is a rather unexplored and less talked about waterfall in the region.

Located in the Jowai region, this truly stunning waterfall is situated just about three hours away from the southeastern part of Shillong, alongside the West Jaintia Hills. The distance is about an hours travel from the northeastern part of Dawki and also involves a hike of about 20 minutes, to make it all the way to the waterfall. If this is your first-time visit to Meghalaya, the ‘‘Krang Suri,’ could just be an experience of a lifetime. 

Tourists will have to venture out on a trail of steps to actually make it to the spot. The view to the waterfall comes along with an entry ticket, that is priced at a cost of 50 rupees and is subject to change. Tourists can enjoy an amazing swim, through the waters of this splendid waterfall.

It truly is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, that you wouldn’t want to trade for the world. Tourists need to keep in mind that they'll have to abide by the rules - wearing a life-jacket, using the stipulated changing rooms and restrooms provided while in the region.

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