Single Status Certificate in Pakistan and Marriage:

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Q: I am Dutch and Christian. I have married a Pakistani Muslim woman under Dutch Civil law after her obtaining single status certificate in Pakistan, and we are a happy family with two wonderful children. My wife is a practicing Muslim, as I am a practicing Christian. The children are raised with the knowledge of and respect for both the Christian and Islamic religions. Our marriage is fully respected by both our families and she was never married before so she took single status certificate in Pakistan. Under the pressure of her friends, however, my wife starts to feel more and more apprehensive about the validity of our marriage. 

Islamic Pont of you in Pakistani Single Certificate:

I am aware of the Islamic law, but my question is: should such a marriage indeed be considered null and void, irrespective of the fact that she obtained single status certificate in Pakistan and it has resulted in a happy family with two children and respect for the two religions? 

A: The marriage is certainly not valid under Islamic law and single status certificate in Pakistan has nothing to do with the validity of your marriage. You said she was a practicing Muslim and that her family had no objection to the marriage. It shows they either did not know the law or were not mindful of that.  You confess that you respect Islam as well. What does that mean? Do you consider it is true religion? Then what bars you from confessing it openly?  Let us tell you something. Your wife, or any Muslim for that matter, will not be a Muslim unless she or he declares unconditional belief in the prophet hood of Jesus (peace be upon him) and the Book [Injil] that was revealed to him. Will it be unfair then, if you are asked to have similar faith in Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the true last Messenger of God, as he brought the same message from the same God? You will need no conversion, so to say. It will be a reaffirmation of the true faith and teachings of Jesus. Above all, it will give your family life [past and present] the legitimacy as required under the Islamic law, Having done that, you will not need any fresh marriage contract or will not require any single status certificate in Pakistan, except to declare agreement to the relevant provisions under Islamic law that speak about the rights and obligations of the spouses,  If you could believe, we shall be the last ones to give even the least consideration to the idea of khula in Pakistan between you and your wife. We will go to any limits to save this relationship, which is very dear to God as the Muslims are told. What, however, we cannot do nor can any Muslim dare suggest --- is to break the law of God. Consider, therefore, 'the merits of Islam, accept it happily and for God's sake and have your marital life saved, which, as you said, must be wonderfully happy instead you wife has to file khula in Pakistan or abroad. In our Law Firm in Lahore, we have many expert lawyers in Lahore and we are work on the Pakistani Single certificate.