If you are an Outlook user, you must be familiar with the Not Implemented error. It is an error encountered by the users when hitting the Send/Receive button. If you are getting this error on your computer and don’t know what to do. You’ve come to the right place and we will help you in resolving the issue. 

There could be several reasons behind the Not Implemented Error in Microsoft Outlook. These reasons include faulty add-ins, damaged SRS file, damaged Outlook profile, or corrupted PST file. But there are a couple of things we can try to fix this sort of issue on Outlook.

How to Fix Outlook 'Not Implemented' Error?

If you are getting Outlook error ‘Not Implemented’, then try one of these things to resolve it.

  • First, you can try to launch Outlook in safe mode and disable all other add-ins. You have to enter outlook.exe /safe in the command prompt to open Outlook in Safe Mode. Then you have to open the Add-ins options and disable all of them. 
  • You also need to take a look at the SRS file located in the App Data folder and create a new one. 
  • You can also try to recreate the Outlook profile to resolve this kind of error on the computer. 
  • Disabling the Antivirus program and Firewall can also help in resolving the issues on the computer. 
  • You can also try to repair the Outlook installation on your computer and it will repair the corrupted files in the program.