Real Madrid's stunning 3-1 victory over Manchester City saw them book their place in the Champions League Final with Liverpool in Paris on May 28.

The Stade de France has a capacity of 75,000, and the race is very much on to get tickets for the final.

Ticket prices: Between 60 and 690 euros
Real Madrid have been allocated 20,000 tickets for the Champions League Final against Liverpool.

The tickets will cost 60 euros (category 4), 150 euros (category 3), 490 euros (category 2) and 690 euros (category 1).

15,600 fans from each team will be able to access category 4 and category 3 tickets.

UEFA discounts for cheapest tickets
UEFA announced last Thursday that instead of offering 5,000 free tickets per club, as it had done on February 14, it will apply discounts for category 3 and 4 tickets.

As a result, category 4 tickets will cost 60 euros rather than 70, and category 3 tickets will cost 150 euros rather than 180.

This discount, which has been financed by UEFA, represents the same value of the 5,000 free tickets that were initially announced.

How can Real Madrid fans get Champions League Final tickets?
Real Madrid have sent an email to club members explaining the process to obtain these tickets.

The ticket application deadline will be from 12pm on Thursday, May 5 until 12pm on Tuesday, May 10.

The ticket applications will be done through the Online Member Service Office, and can be accessed with the member number and pin code.

Only Real Madrid club members will be apply to request tickets and they will be able to include a maximum of six members in one application.

Club members who will be under five years of age on May 28, 2022 will be unable to apply for tickets.

What is the ticket allocation for the Champions League Final?
Of the 75,000 seats in the Stade de France, 52,000 tickets have gone on sale for the Champions League Final.

Real Madrid and Liverpool will each receive 20,000 tickets, whilst 12,000 tickets will be put on sale to fans across the world through the UEFA website.

The sale process and allocation of tickets reserved for supporters of the finalists will be organised by both clubs.

Participating in the Champions League is not just any old thing for a big club. It is almost vital for their survival.

Not only does it bring sporting prestige. Behind the football, in the offices, there are large sums of money at stake that can shape the planning of a season. And, for the moment, Real Madrid are not doing badly - they have made 105.34 million euros in profits this season alone due to the Champions League.

That is the amount that the club have accumulated in prizes in the top continental competition after epic and almost miraculous eliminations of Paris Saint-Germain in the round of 16, Chelsea in the quarter-finals, and Manchester City in the semi-finals.

The latest sum, 15.5 million euros for reaching the final, came thanks to a Rodrygo Goes brace and a goal from Karim Benzema, which did more than deliver sporting joy to the club.

Liverpool lead the way in Champions League earnings :,pep-guardiolas-black-hole/6

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Only Liverpool, Real Madrid's opponents in the final in Paris on May 28, are ahead of the club presided over by Florentino Perez.

With 115.80 million euros, the Reds are the team to have earned the most money in the Champions League. And now, both will fight for the ultimate prize: 4.5 million euros for winning the competition and an extra 3.5 million euros for taking part in the European Super Cup.

But Real Madrid and Liverpool are not the only ones to have made money from the Champions League.

Many other clubs, to a greater or lesser extent, have made good profits. And, for example, Spanish clubs Real Madrid, Villarreal, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla have accumulated an astronomical 325.78 million euros.

Villarreal's explosion
With these parameters, the Spanish club that has earned the most money in the Champions League has been Real Madrid with a total of 105.34 million euros, divided into 77.84 million euros from the competition and 27.5 million euros from the UEFA coefficient.

In second place is Villarreal, who will explode financially after reaching the semi-finals.

Fernando Roig's club will earn a minimum of 84 million euros pending television earnings. Of this, the prizes won on the pitch amount to 57.67 million euros, while the UEFA coefficient will leave the club's coffers with another 26.4 million euros.

Atletico Madrid, eliminated by Manchester City in the quarter-finals, amassed a total of 63.27 million euros. Of that, 42.37 million was for their sporting performance and 20.9 for the points it earned this season in the UEFA coefficient.