Mindfulness means when you make a decision and be conscious of everything that is happening in your relationship. you need to start with at least 10-15 minutes of mindfulness to make your day, your life, and eventually your relationship better. This will help you clear your mind and be ready for the upcoming day and the week. you need to perform this thing each day. Get up 15 minutes early to plan out your day and just see how easy your day flows. To make the night to turn out something memorable consume Malegra 100.  

When there is a lack of mindfulness the relationship will get unstable. You will not know what to do next and where to take the relationship. a little planning and little conversation about how you need your relationship to be solved quite a few problems. Whenever we fight we always think this might be the last time and we keep the core issues the evokes the fight unsolved that invites the fight for the next time. Most of the time the fight is due to issues like unsatisfied intimate life and this can be solved with the help of Malegra 100.

Even during the whole day when you get little time, plan for the next day. We know life does not go on with the plan we make but it is always necessary to be prepared or have a backup plan handy. When you know what you are supposed to be doing the other day, you will feel more productive, it also boosts your morale. This does not mean working and planning and not giving yourself a break. Because vacation and breaks are as necessary as working is. Keep your relationship active and exciting. Let there be new and interesting things to be done. Explore your intimate life with the help of Malegra 100.