In today's day and age, websites can be made in a lot of different ways. Business owners and website developers are always thinking of different solutions to make visually appealing and fully functional websites. One of the best ways to make such websites is PHP. PHP is one of the best scripting languages in existence and it is the darling of most developers around the world, because of the benefits that can be availed from PHP development. There are companies of different nature which provide PHP development services in the market. Within the companies, offshore PHP development companies are preferred more than their onshore counterparts because of the considerable cost-savings that can be availed by hiring the former. Further, there is also an increasing demand for offshore PHP development companies which can provide customized and client-specific websites to individuals who hire their services.

7 reasons to prefer custom PHP development for amazing websites

There are a lot of reasons to prefer PHP development for amazing websites and the 7 top reasons have been enlisted underneath for the perusal of all our readers. Let’s get started.

1. Simplicity: Simplicity is at the core of operations in PHP development. It is one of the easiest languages in existence which makes it very effective for web development. Since it is very similar to C and Java, any developer who is familiar in C and Java can quickly grasp PHP with a lot of ease.

2. Speed: The second reason to prefer PHP development for amazing websites is speed. PHP is faster than most scripting languages available in the market as it doesn't depend on the system's resources. It runs very well with other software and doesn't slow down and neither makes the processes slow as well. All websites made with the help of offshore PHP development companies are very supportive and can get hosted very easily.

3. Free and Open-Source: PHP is free and open-source which means that one doesn't need to buy any licenses and one can begin creating websites very easily. No payment needs to be paid for hosting and the scripting language is 100% free. Open-source means that websites can very easily be developed by offshore PHP development companies with a combination of other languages and databases. It is thus preferred for its versatility and flexibility by developers, all around the world. 

4. Time-saving: Another main reason to hire offshore PHP development companies for creating amazing websites is the time and cost-savings. It is very economical to get websites created with the help of PHP as there are a lot of proficient offshore PHP development companies in the market who charge a lot less than their onshore counterparts. Further, the ruthless competition in the market has beaten down the price for PHP development services to a great degree and business owners can now hire offshore PHP development services for a lot less money!

5. Cross-browser compatibility: Another reason to prefer custom PHP development for creating amazing websites is cross-browser compatibility. The websites created with the help of PHP are supported by the likes of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and all other operating systems. Further, the websites can be incorporated with the likes of WordPress and Magento, etc. You can get the best results out of PHP by hiring a PHP development company or even acustom eCommerce development companyif the latter’s developers are proficient in PHP.

6. Scalability: Another major reason to prefer custom PHP development for creating amazing websites is the scalability of the PHP scripting language. PHP is preferred by most offshore PHP development companies for its effortless scaling options where more servers can be easily added as and when the project grows. 

7. Integration:- PHP is omnipresent all over the Internet to such an extent that around 30% of the entire web space is dominated by PHP. Further, another major reason to prefer PHP is that it can be easily integrated with MongoDB, Memcache, and Pusher. PHP is used by a lot of businesses in different niches and verticals, right from private companies to public companies and from small to big businesses. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits of custom PHP development which explains why it is preferred by developers around the world. Such benefits explain the popularity of PHP and the demand for professionals proficient in PHP. PHP is a very good choice for the development of static as well as dynamic websites, and if you haven’t used PHP for creating websites yet, it’s high time that you do so now!