Celebration means to celebrate. Celebrate is to do something  enjoyable because of special occasion. Spiritual people and many other of the philosophical clan talk of celebrating each occasion of life believing it to be special.
For wise man each moment is special. Or so they advise us to take it as. They talk of celebrating death. But again my feeble mind dumps my understanding;

Can someone of them teach me how to celebrate death of near ones? Or of infants?? of a spouse?? of a parent??

Relations not only have emotional bonds they even have established a need. A practical need. A child needs the mother, and her death cannot be a moment to celebrate !!

Even though in the actual meaning of philosophy Death is freedom; one cannot celebrate death. There are many other such events and incidents and moments of life, occurance of which cannot actually be celebrated!

Then what is celebration? Is it just a way of partying? Forgetting your worries in the actions that give you pleasure?
In that case a druggist, an alcoholist, an addict is celebrating? Celebrating what?Their incapability of dealing with a situation?

Celebrating a physical and material gain of the mortal?
With prior apologies I would like to state that even those who preach are involved in actions that give pleasure.
Meditation again is a way of attaining pleasure. So should it be said that celebrating is gaining pleasure? Yes in principal doing something enjoyable is to gain pleasure out of that act.

Does celebrating means being in a state of Happiness then?
Oh my God! that means its just an expression of happiness, I Guess. Pardon me for this but now that its ascertain that all moments cannot be celebrated, I invite my wise friends to explain to me the philosophy of Celebrating All Moments of Life!!

So should we say that celebration is just an oasis?
Isn’t  it futile? I mean what is the gain in celebration?? Why is there need of Enjoyment in every Human? Why can’t we look at each moment neutrally?
My mind fails to answer these eternal questions of life; So I too agree to disagree And to Join the Celebration!!!