Man and woman are considered to be an inseparable part of each other since the origin of human beings. Nature has created them in such a way that they could supplement each other perfectly. The ancient Hindu scriptures have portrayed Lord Shiva and his better half Goddess Parvati as two souls residing in a single body. The right half which belongs to Lord Shiva exhibits the features of a male while the left half which is feminine in appearance belongs to Goddess Parvati. The idol is known as the 'Ardhanarishwara' and has been depicted as the symbol of an ideal husband and wife relationship since time immemorial. The ancient Indian culture has given as much importance to the females as to their male counterparts. During initial days of the monarchy in India, the king was always accompanied by the queen in the court. They both used to sit on the same throne and had equal rights to make decisions regarding issues concerning the citizens. But as time passed, people started considering women inferior to men. They were denied all those privileges that the male members of the society were entitled to and were subjected to the confinement within the four walls of their home. Even today in remote villages of India, the birth of a girl child is considered as a curse on the family. The rate of female infanticides soared up as people started looking upon daughters as nothing but a burden. The advent of modern technology made way for prenatal sex determination which resulted in a further hike in the slaughter of females foetuses.


             Today in modern India, women have succeeded in proving their mettle in every field. The daughters have shown that they are equally capable of winning bread for their family like the sons. But I must say that the concept of gender equality in our society is like a mirage. Something which has existed as much as it doesn't. Even when both husband and wife are equally qualified and earn the same, the wife is considered inferior to her man. Moreover, the Indian society expects women to play a double role. It means that she has to meet the pressure of deadlines at work like a man does but instead of relaxing after work to calm her nerves she has to play the role of a homemaker as well. She has to do the household chores, take care of her in-laws and not to forget the upbringing of children which is solely her responsibility. While the man relaxes after work by calmly sipping a cup of coffee while watching the television. As if he is exempted from the all the responsibilities towards the family and children. If kids fall ill or fail miserably in the exams, the mother is the one to be blamed and not the father. If the food isn't palatable or the interior of the house isn't elegant then the lady is embellished with the title of 'an incompetent wife.' She is obliged to take a day off from work to take care of the sick kid or the aged parents, no matter how important things she has to attend at work. 

                Only a woman knows how arduously she manages to strike a balance between home and work. But the irony is that even after so much toiling she is rewarded with abuses and accusations only. Nobody cares to question a father's part in the upbringing of kids or shouldering the responsibilities towards the family. If a woman works to help her husband make both ends meet. Isn't it a husband's duty to help her with household chores? The husband and wife are the two pillars on which the well-being of a family rests. They should shoulder the responsibilities equally so that things work out smoothly. A family is like a necklace made up of beads which are held together by the threads of love and understanding. So there should not be any me and you. There should only be us.