If you are an aspirant of bank exams then you must acknowledge the fact that good communication skills should be mastered properly. In every bank competitive exams, the English section is one section that not only measures your communication skills but also helps you to master it. There are countless aspirants who find this section challenging and one of the most challenging topics is Reading Comprehension. What makes this topic so tough and demanding? Let’s discuss!

Firstly, this topic can be very time-consuming as well as energy protracting, if you are not going to understand the idea, theme or gist behind the information provided in the passage. It is very important to extract idea behind the passage first as every question will be based on its contents. There are big probabilities that you might confront a passage from the topic that you have never read or dealt before. Therefore, while dealing with topic, your reading, vocabulary and grammatical skills are at stake. It is very important to understand the idea behind the passage and then apply strategy accurately in solving questions based on it.  

In this piece of writing, we will discuss significant tips to enhance Reading Comprehension skills for Bank Exams in detail.

1. Don’t lay emphasis on irrelevant aspects

First and foremost, In Exams like IBPS CLERK EXAM, PO and other, you should try to understand and grasp the whole passage and try to understand the idea behind it. It will help you in solving questions based on it. You should not try to conclude the idea by just reading the example. Therefore, you should not lay emphasis on irrelevant aspects of the passage but emphasize more on significant aspects of the passage. 

2. Don’t memorize every word of the passage

While going through the entire passage, you are supposed to read the entire passage for facts and specific points that are relevant to the asked questions. You are not supposed to memorize every word of the passage as this will confuse you with the valuable information required to solve the questions. Do not get intimidated by the length of the passage or by the technicality of the subject of the passage. 

3. Don’t solve any questions without reading the passage properly

According to previous IBPS exams, There are several students who try to solve or try to find the answers of the questions randomly without reading the passage properly. It is commonly committed mistake by many students that should be completely avoided by others. It will lead you to wrong answering and will ruin your selection prospects. It will also be a time-consuming affair and will bear no fruits. 

4. Read the questions first before reading the passage

Before reading the passage, the students are supposed to read and check the questions first and then understand it properly. This strategy will give you an idea to where to keep things fresh in your mind and will also help you in navigating fast for your answer in the passage. Thus, you will be able to understand the reading comprehension properly and will also be finding solutions to the answers easily. 


5. Read the first and last paragraph carefully

In many Reading Comprehensions, the questions are generally based on the information given in the first and last paragraph of the passage. Therefore, you are supposed to read the first and last paragraph carefully to find the solutions of the asked questions in the passage. You should make sure that you are drawing out maximum information from these paragraphs. 

6. Do not skip Reading Comprehension 

Many-a-times, students get intimidated by the length of the Reading Comprehension and try to skip it as they find it too time-consuming. Do not skip it as it is not too time-consuming but demands your good reading skills and competent understanding level. (Useful App For IBPS CLERK ONLINE TEST SERIES )

Secondly, do try to find answers within the passage as no extra information is required to solve the asked questions. The questions from this topic can be very scoring, if you have prepared well and have followed these tips properly for the exams. 

To conclude, Reading Comprehension is a very significant topic of English section and will be an integral part and parcel of every competitive exam and therefore it should be mastered properly. We hope that this discussion will prove to be very informative as well as enlightening for you to prepare it for the forthcoming banking competitive exams.

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