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School life is full of fun and happy memories. They are etched forever in our mind. When one recalls those memories they bring back our childhood years. Let me share a few funny moment memories of school children.

A funny incident which took place when I studied in school. I was in seventh standard and we were studying Geography. The teacher was giving us a lesson on continents. She was telling us about the rivers in America. She taught in a dull fashion and most students either took a cat nap or played noughts and crosses. She had just told us about the Mississippi River.  Suddenly while teaching she observed a girl not paying attention and lost in her own thoughts. She called her out and asked her to spell Mississippi on the board. The girl  went to the board and not having heard much, she spelt it Mrs.Sippy and all of us roared with laughter. She had just watched Ramesh Sippy’s famous movie Sholay a day before and hearing the name Mississippi she confused it with the director of the movie. The teacher too was in splits.

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Another incident which comes to my mind is the first experience of going to the Biology Lab.

We had just entered the  ninth standard and the teacher had updated us on dissection of animals. Soon we had to show our prowess to dissect a fish. Ours was an all girls school and we maintained the decorum of the school. We entered the lab with full confidence and sat on the assigned seats to perform the duel. Wax trays with fish which had been given chloroform anaesthesia to make them unconscious. We started cutting the fish with our dissecting instruments and suddenly someone screamed. I looked up and lo behold a classmate’s fish had regained consciousness and it stirred. The girl got scared and screamed and due to which we dropped our stools and instruments ,our trays fell down and the fish fell down and there was utter confusion. The teacher came immediately and instead of scolding us laughed at our foolish behaviour and we too joined in.

A student of class tenth shared a funny class incident. They had a chemistry lesson and the teacher who taught them was a young, suave looking guy  who sported a French beard. He was a short tempered person who kept a distance from his students. The students were a bit scared of him as he hated fun and jokes in class. He was teaching them about Oxygen gas. He believed in imparting some practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. So he lit a match to prove a point and as he lit the match a spark went and touched his beard. The beard caught fire and as he tried to douse the fire with his bare hands, the students sitting in the front grinned and then burst out laughing. He was annoyed at first but soon he joined in the laughter. It was a funny sight.

Another incident which comes to my mind is when we were in senior school – we were made to sit in twos in the class and generally my friend and myself shared the same bench. She was called the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in class. She would be generally lost in her own world. But one day what she did amazed us. She asked me for sheets to write in the first period. I pulled out a few pages from my register and handed them to her. Things went on well till recess. We shared our tiffins and then rushed back to class to attend the after recess lessons. The teacher asked us to hand over our copies for correction and suddenly my friend stood up and explained her problem. She had misplaced her bag in the house  as there was some painting going on in her apartment. The whole class roared with laughter as she had only managed to come with her tiffin box. The teacher a young lady pulled her leg and joined in laughter.