If you wait for happy moments,

You will wait forever,

But if you start believing that you are happy,

You will be the happy forever

  • Stay Away From Anger… it Hurts Only You!
  • If You Are Right Then There is No Need to Get Angry…
  • And if You Are Wrong Then You Don’t Have Any Right to Get Angry
  • Patience with Family is Love…
  • Patience with Others is Respect
  • Patience with Self is Confidence and Patience with God is Faith
  • Never Think Hard About The PAST, it Brings Tears…
  • Don’t Think More about the FUTURE, it Brings Fear…
  • Live This Moment with a Smile, it Brings Cheer
  • Every Test in Our Life Makes Us Bitter Or Better…
  • Every Problem Comes To Make Us Or Break Us…
  • The Choice is Ours Whether We Become Victims or Victorious
  • Beautiful Things Are Not Always Good But Good Things Are Always Beautiful…
  • Do You Know Why God Created Gaps between Fingers? That Someone, Who is Special To You, Comes And Fills Those Gaps, By Holding Your Hand Forever.
  • “Happiness” Keeps You Sweet But Being Sweet Brings Happiness.
  • Do Share it, With All the Good People in Your Life.


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