To see a change, one needs to be a change, after independence,
we have achieved, many things but still, we have a long way to go.

The School/College life if used as a change maker period, We can see a difference in the society, both in humanitarian and Science background.

The four to five years of the college period, when used as a contribution period, for developing an idea or a project.
It can be relayed to the next batch of students to keep them in progress at the University/College level.

Short Story for better understanding.

As the say goes prevention is better than cure, we can spread the thought of being human, to the kids through bedtime stories, and through the radio, in local languages to the kids who are still struggling for education,
we can raise a better generation.

As when we start to love, we tend to imitate the person without realizing. By narrating a story about good leaders thoughts of Buddha along with fantasy content, changes the thought process of a child.

An Attempt to convey the same in bedtime story: