Steve Jobs' Apple, Jack Welch's GE, Bill Gates' Microsoft, Larry Page's Google, Richard and Maurice McDonald's McDonald's, Jack Ma's Alibaba, Phil Knight's Nike - these all brands have a common link, more or less. The people who promoted the product, have always wanted to do something different from the rest, with restless nights, pouring their heart into it.  These people alas The Legendary Promoter - The Heores of the story, Started and Garnered the company producing that product, to expand the reach, making money on the way. Likewise the Generation who is carrying a legacy of those legendary promoters are doing so with same or close to similar passion. And finally its Consumers who have given a deep thought and welcomed the efforts and loved the products so much. These crucially form three links of any market, almost indispensable anywhere in the world at any given time.

Now whole world knows about these products, equally the people behind those. Later on, many others have tried producing similar sort of products by copying or adding something to the original, but hardly got the acclaim.

When we look at Indian Scenario, there are very few examples which can be compared to above mentioned products or people. JRD Tata's vision for Steel Manufacturing, Dhirubai Ambani's sense of Petrochemical future, Brijmohan Munjal's realization of India's Two Wheeler's dream are the extraordinary examples of an individual's passion of seeing future and promoting a product complementing it.

And when we observe carefully, in our country, over the period of many decades till now, there is very low frequency of such products becoming a phenomenon or at least becoming a respectful brand for its unique trait and where people behind those are talked about.

Social, Economic, Political factors might have played some roles in shaping this scenario. But in other countries, some other factors play an important role, if these not. Still the drive which enables the very thinking of being unique, producing a product - nurturing it with the soul, and most importantly continuing the legacy with utmost passion, is variable in between the people of the countries who have been doing it and that of ours.

Steve Jobs might have given his life to make Apple, what is now the phenomenon, we know. So he might have been unique, produced and nurtured the product he was passionate about, but made sure he imbibed the same passion in the people to continue the legacy after him, generation to generation. And the people after him, are complementing it whole hearted.

Today's consumer still gives a deep thought about any new Apple's product being launched. Asking Whats new now? 

And even if they don't find anything as predicted, they don't shrug off their loyalty just like that. Being not able to provide what Apple's customers want, is down to the failure of understanding of customers mind for that period at Apple's side, rather than to, sitting on laurels of the penetration Brand has created, and Adding little, Marketing heavily to sell the product.

In India, some may have loyalty towards Apple, but that is for the sake of status symbol. Not many even know how to use the Apple mobile phone. And that's where the third link of a market comes into play.

Apple is just an example here. It may not be perfect every time in everything. But overall, like mentioned above with respect to Apple, three links factors are seen predominantly in many success stories happened in other countries.

But in India, its all opposite.

For example, suppose we are using a particular brand Edible Oil. The Great Marketing Campaign bombarded the product's benefits enthusiastically and believing those we have bought it and started continuously using it. Suddenly Some temporary controversy takes place with that Oil's Quality Standards and by seeing the issues in the news we just stop using it anymore. So the Legendary Promoter might have maintained highest of standards to achieve the Quality and Subsequent popularity of the product. But the Generation after him failed to understand his or her vision and made a mess of it. So they believed only in Aggressive Marketing with loosing soul somewhere. And we, the Consumers, who started using the product without any verification and getting perceived by Marketing Gimmicks, don't give a damn  to the loyalty we have shown till now. We will change to something else. And of course to select a different brand all we need is another Marketing Campaign run by some other company.

So here, makers and buyers both have made a peace with the fact that this is how trade shall happen. Hence, even if the makers who happen to be a part of a huge organization, involving many high profile people, with high pay packages sell a product to buyers who happen to be a part of a society, involving low profile people, with high ambitions but very less time and cognizance to think.

Bechnewale bhi waise, Kharidnewale bhi waisehi. And the Great Indian Trade goes on.

So here every other day we see , selling of an emotion instead of product, over - use of woman factor in advertisements as if man never use any product, showing irrelevant relation of a product and benefits, offering discounts at festivals like makers are selling just for making our festival joyous at their loss, considering any festival of any community brings every person some money and wish to buy whatever been sold, creating controversy for own product just to launch with repackaging etc etc.

The great makers' great Marketing people boast of their creativity, charge high, in high demand for new challenges. Where the new creative challenge is to repackage. Because the great buyers are best deceived at repackaging and their this behavior has been assumed already.

And that's how it adds into paving way for high overhead cost of a company, increasing a products price. The niche people buy it stating their class, others just desire it.

First Link has laid a foundation, Second Link may not be able to construct a desired Superstructure on it, but its the Third Link who is failing miserably to challenge and demand a standard.

No wonder we don't produce or at least nurture people like JRD Tata, Dhirubai Ambani here. Not even until recently. Not even lately.

Even when the great story of An American based Online Commerce Company, which started as small venture in 1994, is identifying India in 2018, as the biggest market for them throughout the world, few amongst us who started their venture some years back, by plainly copying that American company's business model, are selling their whole venture itself.

Many others reasons may be there for their downfall. But according to me, the basic of those three links are just missing.

Here, very very few are thriving on their principles, fighting in same market as others. Rest situation is palpable. Too much. But who gives a damn.

Its like making a horror movie one after the other, if an odd horror movie gets hit at box office, and dictating audience that you like this only. And we are making those kind of movies just for you.

Take Real Estate as an example. For many Indians its the biggest purchase of their life. So, everyone does a huge 'Manthan'' before finalizing a property, a Home. But, to lure buyers to the project, what has been the Builders' marketing policy? Discounts on Festivals, Luxurious Amenities, Free Gifts etc. etc. And in all Manthan that one does, with huge information accessibility, what he or she considers important. Discount? Gift? What about Orientation of Flat, Durability of Materials, Ease in Purchase process. In short, how much importance is given to what we need?

Some put an ad on hoarding stating Diwali Discount of 10 Lakh, for few bookings only. Whats the Flat Price? 2.3 Crore. The person who is paying 2.3 Crore, why would be happy paying 10 Lakh less, and that is also within few days till the offer runs. Is the person who is eligible for paying some Crore of Rupees for a property, that idle so he or she can be in haste, compromising his or her other works, just to save 10 Lakh. God knows.

But we do run a Marketing Campaign like that.

And even in the worst of Real Estate Market phases, it has not changed. Forget about Marketing Gimmicks, we have not changed the basic approach of building homes which have Demands and are Affordable and Saleable. We need a Government Scheme to really think about Affordable Homes. Builder keep on constructing Non Affordable Flats, making them Unsold Inventory in coming times. Market down. Industry down. Many side effects like Less Jobs, Low demand for Capital Goods etc. Sellers sights many reasons of lack of policies and all, Buyers who have already taken time to finalize the property again postpone the decision thinking Rates will come down. And The Great Indian Trade goes on.

Again Three Links just out of place.

Moral of the story, don't dare to find those Legendary Promoter - The Heores here, anymore.