How can I let go off the past?

By this question you remind me one beautiful song lines “kahin to dil me yadon ki, ek suli gad jati hai, kahin har ek tasveer bahut hi dhundhali pad jati hai, koi nayi duniya ke rango me khush rehta hai, koi sab kuch pakar bhi ye man hi man kehta he - jo aapne abhi kaha” which you said right now. See whatever painful it will always remain in heart and mind somewhere. It is reality that we never forget painful memories. But you can overcome from it. this is necessary to go with the life flow. Don't try to remind it all the time. May be you have questions now like why me ? And what if this I had done. That I do. But today's reality is that past is over and you need to learn something good from it and move on. I believe pain is necessary to learn something, to achieve something. So give yourself another chance to be happy.

- This answer requested by me on 'quora'

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