IVF or In-Vitro- Fertilization is one of the most common treatment for the infertility. During this a IVF Specialist takes the eggs from the ovaries of the women with the help of needle and fertilizes them within highly specialized lab. After the few days  past to the fertilization, the eggs gets develop into embryos. After 3–6 days, IVF Specialist implants the embryos back into the Uterus of the Women.

The main reason for the popularity of IVF is the increasing infertility rate in the Women’s due to toxic taken in daily life habits such as Drinking Alcohol, Smoking etc. Apart from this, there are several other factor also involved such as damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, severe endometriosis etc are other several issues.

Five Steps Overview of IVF Implantation in Uterus

Generally, There are five steps involved in IVF if you are using your own eggs or it will take 3 steps when using donor eggs.

Step 1: Stimulation

During this phase of IVF fertility, the Women start taking the fertility drugs or medicine to boost the production of eggs in the ovaries. It's natural phenomenon that Women produces only one egg at a time. But it produces several eggs at the same when intakes fertility drugs prescribed by the Doctor. This fertility eggs comes on the form of injections and injected into major areas such as butt, lower abdomen or upper. It may last for 1 days. You also need to visit your Doctor in regular interval of time for normal check.

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Step 2: Egg Retrieval

When the process of stimulation completed. The Eggs starts growing and it is retrieved from your ovaries during the minor surgery named as follicular aspiration.

This surgery is not normal. You may be given dose of anesthesia for the retrieval. u may go home daya after the surgery.

Step 3: Insemination and Fertilization

When the process of collection of eggs completed and at the same time, the Sperm is taken from their partner. Then both egg and sperm are put together in highly specialized lab for insemination and fertilization. In very few cases, sperm may be directly injected into the egg. This process is called as ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Step 4: Embryo Culture

This fertilized eggs grow by dividing and once they divide, they are named as embryos. IVF specialist regularly checks the progress for the development of embryos.

Step 5: Embryo Transfer

After 3–5 days the growing embryo placed into the Woman’s Womb and this process is not so easy. The IVF Specialist puts the embryo into the Women uterus when she is awake with the help of thin tube. After the completion of 12–15 days of embryo implantation, Women can visit the IVF clinics for pregnancy test. To increase the chances of the fertilization, IVF Specialist implants more than one embryos into women’s uterus which may result into multiple birth at the same time.

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Risk During Process of IVF

IVF is not an easy process. You need to prepare physically, emotionally, financially as well.

When you are using your own eggs then there might be possible side effects such as bloating, abdominal pain, mood swings, and headache also.

Egg retrieval is also have some risks associated with it. It includes the bleeding, infections, damage to other organs such as bladder, bowels.

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What is Success Rate of IVF Process?

As everyone has their own pros and cons. But the age factor also plays the major role in the birth of the baby after the IVF. The success rate is 50% in ages 30 and it spike goes down when ages you are lates 30’s or more.

It is important fact you should always kept in your mind that if you are facing trouble in conceiving then it does not mean you should approach IVF instantly. There are other methods also available which you doctor suggest you to conceive. IVF is the only option left when there is no other option left.


If you have already tried all the methods prescribed by your Doctor. Still you are facing issue with the infertility. Then only you can go with the procedure of IVF. You need to physically, emotionally and financially prepared for the IVF treatment. As the chances goes with the increasing age. So you should take your decision as early as possible.

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