Today when Mumbai witnessed a bad day, everyone went furious about what has happened. I don’t know if BMC and Railways did their job but we all did it for sure. We kept on blaming as we always do, we kept on trolling as always do, we did our responsibility of spreading rumors and finally, we made sure nothing is going to change hereafter.

And why we do this all the time? Because we have a medium called “Social Media” which is free of cost. It’s easy to write on a medium, probably the way I am doing it now, but difficult to come forward and fight for something. We have taken things for granted and at the same time assume that it’s the government who is the only responsible entity existing in this society. Why?

When we order a pair of shoes online by making the payment, we always keep the track of that order. Whether it is dispatched, where did it reach, who is bringing it, etc. No matter how busy we are, we tend to get those shoes delivered by keeping in touch with that seller. And on other hands, we pay tax to the government but never question them where our money goes! Why?

Before pointing out the mistakes in BMC and other government bodies, we must be aware of our duties. They don’t do their job because we are allowing this to happen. How many of us have ever tried for “Right To Information” act?

It’s we who can bring the change. And to do this, we need to question the authority each time we pay the tax. Words carry huge power only when they are conveyed in a way it has to be, else they just remain a group of alphabets.

Think. Raise. Change.