In todays scenario, We are the citizen of India, Listening, watching, reading all political drama that give us more entertainment than Kapil show. HELLO readers, my inner will say to me something that, My Nation Forget The Sacrifice of legends , freedom fighters, who died for us.

I Love My Country , If possible, I will die for it. I want say, Thank you to all soldiers and their family members of my Nation  We have proud on them.  We have no doubt on their duty.

Know I  am a citizen of India, I have a right to speak. 

Is any political party will be free from any corruption ?

Is we have proud on any political party that create an example of love ,equality ?

How can We the citizen of India, see The Flag of Country Trianga was burned, torned and rupture under foot by the stone pelters of Kashmir?

Its an insult of whole Nation, But our Blood is cold now.

There is fire , burning inside me, Why Whole nation forgets that we are the children of freedom fighters. We don't accept this 

A request from my side, to all nation lover , If we really love our country, fight for motherland, 

Say no silence , not  acceptable  to disrespect National Flag  in India. Govt have to take action.

From Daughter of nation

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