Imagine a popular talk show host whom you admired.The Said host used to get the details about the subject to be debated and also about the panelists a day or twice a day before the shoot.You all know the motive behind it.On the day of the shoot,’cause of the exigencies of his family circumstances,one of the co-panelists turned down the request.Social activist was used as a replacement by the Director.Other Co-Panelist were an Editor of a renowned Newspaper and the former secretary of ministry.The unanticipated social activist was too young when compared to other panelists who have been involved in the field for more years.The Activist was not only young but also the look is not appreciable.Shoot started.Debate went on for 15 minutes.But, you could see only 2 panelists are involved.Something fishy.isn’t it? Can you guess who is the third person who haven’t got an opportunity to speak and also why? yes,He is none other than the social activist.Hesitantly,the host posed a question  at the rear end of the show.It was a dumbstruck moment for the host.His communication is good,Spoken with clarity when compared to other panelists.

Wasn’t a similar situation experienced by you in a resurfaced manner?How many of us blame ourselves or our creator for the possessed appearance.Or if we put in other way , How many perceptions of ours about fellow persons mislead?.Including myself at earlier journey of my life,I haven’t celebrated my beauty.i haven’t accepted myself.Do you guess why?Is the judgement made by your own thought process about the beauty? Isn’t it ‘cause of someone on your way?Isn’t it ‘cause of some one teases you?Who sets these benchmark? If you are a creator , creating a product, Do you want that product possesses good look or bad look? Definitely,good look.Then,why should our creator made partiality? If some purpose is not known to you, You should not think in negative way right? If the creator can create 744 crore personnels with unique face then,he/she can also hide a unique talent  in those 744 crore personnels.But,that needs to be unearthed by each one of us.

The Key takeaway is “Appearance can be deceptive".

Jackfruit does possess flesh juicy part irrespective of the thorns in appearance.isn't it?

Apple also does possess a seed which contain a pigment that produces cyanide when it get in touch with human digestive,Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Just remember , 'You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile and no one else's definition' - Taylor