My last day at school is one the utmost uplifting remembrances that I treasure till today. It was one of those propitious days, where I initiate myself walking into a new world by a new prospect. I was exiting the protected gateways of my school where I had disbursed twelve treasuring years of my life. Time has just sailed! It appeared that I had just joined school the former day and now it was time to lastly say good-bye to my school life. I was desolate to leave school, however at the similar time was thrilled to see new trials in life ahead of me. The bright pictures of my Principal, educators, friends, prize distribution day, classroom, reference library, sports day ceremony, the school anthem, the examination hall, the staff room, the games room was all just flying over my mind. Life was going to transform once and for all!
 On the last day of school, I recall my mother awakening me up at 6:00 am in the morning to get prepared to walk down my school buildings one last time. The preceding day, a notice was directed to the classroom stating about a passing out ceremony. On heeding to the announcement, a deep sorrow came over me and my classmates as from the following day, we would be parting ways. However, we all hailed up and underway making plans on ways and means of partying our passing out ceremony to the completest. Once, Mrs Alka Bhagat, our English teacher ended reading the notice, there was a flamboyant uproar in the classroom in happiness and enthusiasm.

I was all fixed to take the last day of school in my pace and so were my friends and classmates. I got my scrapbook, notebook etc prepared to take signatures and write down a few unforgettable lines about teachers, staff, and friends. This would be an invaluable gem in the near forthcoming. Some of the scholars carried video cameras as well to capture some exhilarating and unforgettable moments together for the last time. Our final examinations were over, and the results had been issued. 
 The promising day started with a class assembly at 7:30 am in the morning in the school auditorium. The entire school was present counting the Principal, Vice Principal, educators, staff, and students to felicitate us. I was feeling so central for the foremost time in my life. The scholars of class twelve were requested to sit in the first two rows in the auditorium. Each of us was prearranged a nice memento and some snacks. The programme started with a welcome speech by the school head boy and the outgoing school captain. It was a delightful speech where he spoke about numerous touching instants in our years of school. He acknowledged the teachers for their love, supervision, care, and sustenance that protracted to us for twelve long years. The welcome speech was trailed by a lovely song by some of our juniors. Our Accountancy teacher Mrs Vandana then spoke about some valuing moments in the classroom. Numerous other teachers also held many lovely things about us. The words brought tears to my eyes. The assembly settled with the Principal coveting us all the very best for our future happenings and freeing the school yearbook. Each of us was specified a copy of the yearbook.

The succeeding in line were some of our warmest teachers who had truly taught and maintained us generously throughout our school life. I met my educators in the staff room and some of them wrote some very heartening lines in my scrapbook. I succeeded to click a photograph with my teachers. Last, but not least I went and acknowledged the office staff and carriers who had also a significant role to play in my school life.
 It was now time to address my friends and classmates goodbye for one last time. I was pleasing my scrapbook to all my friends intreating them to write a few lines. All of us were busy hailing and wishing each other. Cameras were endlessly flashing, and it appeared we would have snapped every moment, if only it were conceivable! Then we started stroking our autographs on each other’s uniforms for the last time. I still have my school uniform with all my friends’ remarks and autographs on it. We then embraced each other with a flamboyant uproar for the last and final time lengthways the school corridors and stepped out of the gateways so beloved.