The best of best thing is to keep silent.  Not harm anybody.  Not deceive anybody. Do not deceive yourself.  Be cool - minded. Take things lightly.  Be dedicated and sincere to profession. Avoid politicization of issues. Be royal minded thinking. Maintain decency, decorum & dignity. Do not degrade yourself. Be courageous & bold. Do not make character assassination. Think & plan for future than today.  Leave the unsolved issues/matters for some days un-attempted as issues/things will get automatically solved in it’s own turn. To up-keep & maintain good health by distancing with bad elements/bad habits. Do not get addicted to alcohol, narcotic drugs and smoking. Inculcate habit of doing meditation, yoga & asana.  All these qualities will make a person happy and lead life untroubled & can live with full peace of mind.  Know what the satisfaction is in life in this world of living.  All these are powerful than an orthodox and very close to the god-friendly with high value of tongue power. Be courteous.  Treat children with respect. Be kind, mercy and helpful to street children by providing free education, free food and free shelter.  Help and provide medical care to leprosy affected people.  Help for charities and less privileged people/children.  Support and help for noble causes under humanity. 

        Love animals and preserve wildlife animals and forestry.  Plant trees and maintain neatness and greenery. One should follow ethics & conventions of respective religion and customary systems and procedures. If one follows code of discipline and specialization in his/her individual life, family life, social life, political life, cultural life, education life, professional life, or business life, economic life, agriculture life, construction, science & technology fields, sports and in philosophy, mythology life, psychology life, it gives him/her more untroubled comfortable life.  Service to humanity/mankind is service to the God. 

        The greatest thing in this world is the art of living.  One should learn and know how to live, what to speak, when to speak, whom to speak, which time to speak, which place to speak, how much to speak, and what relevant matter to speak.  Acquiring huge qualifications are one part in life and how to get on well in the society and the world is the second part in the life.  The success depends not merely on qualifications, but mostly on the art of living. Finally be a god fearing person.'

        The God, The Almighty, The Lord Christ and The Nature of God to give you good health, wisdom, courage, strength, broad based ideology, philanthropic mind, and more than all, I request the Nature of God to give you longevity with good health.  

        Your braveness, courage, wisdom, confidence level,  the God fear and your service towards Charity,  mankind, humanity especially to help less privileged children/people,  disabled children/people,  mentally retarded children/people,  orphanage motherless babies,  helpless aged people,  support less widows and handicapped children/people,  are always give you extra mileage of longevity with good health.  AND, more than all your participation/rendering these services will cure all the chronic illness/diseases as per the Nature God's Blessings.

            I Pray the God, the Almighty, the Lord Christ and the Nature of God to give you good health and fast recovery from your illness.  We live in this nature and have to obey to the turn of events as per the directions of The God of Nature.  That is the Act of God.



Author, Storywriter, Lyricist & Songwriter