Well, there is an Other Side to each side. Each situation, circumstance, and condition, along with occupying its own meaning carries within itself another meaning, lying deeper, hidden under the surface. The need of the hour is to dwell within those darkest places which had till now remained unexplored and untouched by any. For, each person only wants satisfaction and pleasure in their lives which could only be gained by living in the "Normal" lifestyles. While, to know the unknown will definitely at first haunt us but then once that unknown becomes known, it too is termed as " Normal".
Well, the first thing to be done is to train your mind and heart, for that is necessary in order to possess courage for dwelling in the darker space. The second thing to be done is to act, that is just go deeper and deeper unless you reach the bottom. And once you have reached at the bottom, experience that moment, for experience is the key note. What you will observe is the fact that how even that hidden truth is Truth; how that unknown reality is also the Reality.
The outcome then will be that you will get to know about the other side; the alternative universe, which too is a universe carrying its own meanings and beauty. Similar, is the case with human beings, for each one of us are in a habit of just following our daily routines, irrespective of thinking anything other which can be done. For, one is not trained to think like that, as we are told from our very childhood that NORMAL IS THE NORM, and this is how whole society works. So, you too start living accordingly and hence anything or any person seen to be deviating from the Normal is outcasted.
But, now has come the time to acknowledge the Outcasted, the abnormal and the absurd. For now, Abnormal is the new Normal and hence any deviation must be happily accepted as that is the true sign of Modernism!
Instead of only following your ways; the ways that you were guided into, one must now try to do something different, try converting boundaries into bridges for each step done by a single person could prove to be of much importance to the progress of the whole nation. As we all know that once a person initiates, hundreds of others automatically follow up the same person. Therefore, instead of letting people do the wrong and illegal things, being a citizen of India, one must always try to bring in the better and good things which could in turn prove to be of much beneficial to each one us.
The time has now come to acknowledge other people's point of view too for he is also correct from his perspective. You just cannot every time only put forward your only point, for each person has his own way of looking towards things and you must not compel the other to follow your own direction, as the road taken by him could lead him to a much better place than your road could.
Acknowledging the other point of view, will not however, delimit your own perspective but well it could at many times enrichen. For, the other person may carry within himself an immense capability which could only help furthering your own perspective. Looking at things from a different angle, could at times solve many serious problems, For, according to me the whole problem lies in our perception, the way we chose to look at others, at our surroundings, at the world.
As the popular statement goes: " Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder", so it's just the way you want to see the world and the world then will automatically turn that ways.
Hence, I would like to conclude by saying that we, carry within ourselves, immense capability which could really change the world, the need only is to alter your perspective. Instead of every time wearing the same, old, hazy eyeglasses, one must now don new shades, for that old spectrum needs to be removed in order to renew and revisit your same old world. For, now it's enough dwelling into the same places over and over again without changing the way you see to it. For, the trick is only to change your outlook in order to look at the same world in a newer version hitherto unknown!