These ideas would surely have an everlasting impression on the consumers. According to different studies, 87 percent of customers purchase products by judging their packaging. If the custom retail packaging has been made of top quality then shoppers purchase it quickly. Otherwise, they move on to the next product placed on the shelf. Companies and brands rely on the packaging design to have a good impression on their customers. They also strive hard to keep the quality of the product and packaging high. Consumers are first attracted to the design of the product packaging. On the other hand, customer loyalty is evaluated by the functionality and quality of the packaging and product.

Therefore, packaging designs are of great importance. Like other trends, the design is a trend that keeps on changing. According to experts, packaging must be perfect in design as sales depend on it greatly. If the colors, pattern, shape, and logos of the packaging would be good then the customer will purchase the product.

Top Packaging Design Guides 2021

If you want to know about the top packaging design guides 2021 that are presented by the packaging experts than there is nothing to worry about. We have explained below these design guides for packaging, have a look:

  1.  Simple, Plain, and Clear Designs

The expert designers have always emphasized on making plain and simple designs which are easily understandable for the consumers. These types of designs are capable enough to send out the brand message properly to the target audience. A complicated design would not deliver the brand message successfully.

The designers have said that by using a few elements in the design of the bundling will surely promote the product. Nowadays, customers do not have enough time to understand the packaging. Therefore, the brand owners only have a few seconds to have a good impact on the customers. A bold and clear design would absolutely get the attention of the customer.

  1.  Custom Lettering

The designers are basically creative individuals. They like to present things in a unique manner. In the year of 2021, they are moving towards the custom lettering which will give a feeling of kindness. It includes different elements like the natural pattern and asymmetrical lines. A unique type of lettering assists in making the product stand out in the market.

  1.  Splashing of Shades

Wild utilization of the shades is also a growing packaging design trend. We all know that shades evoke feelings and emotions. They are accountable to a degree for buying decisions. In 2021, the expert designers are using shades in an interesting manner. They are using the bright and vibrant shades to make bundling eye-catching for customers.

The designers are also utilizing the shades to show the difference among versions of a single product. In this way, the customers can quickly identify that specific version of the product in a glance.

  1.  Repetition

Repetition is also of great value in the packaging design guide. You might have seen in the previous years that the repetition of beautiful designs has become trendy. A repetitive use of the logo or visual motif increases the brand identity and awareness. For this reason, the designers make playful and bold designs that depend on the individuality of the brand and product.

  1.  Recyclability

For the last couple of years, people are getting concerned about the environment. Due to this reason, they prefer recyclable packaging. The experts are considering lightweight and ecological materials to minimize the printing waste. In this way, the packaging designs would grab the attention of those consumers that are concerned about the environment.

  1.  Uniqueness/Originality

There are a number of packaging designs provided by packaging experts. At the present, if a packaging design is not unique or original, then the consumers ignore that product completely. 

They assume that this product is not good in quality. It is imperative to avoid parity. Those packaging designs that are unique and original would surely attract consumers and increase product sales. This sort of packaging makes the product looks amazing.

  1.  Laser Cut & Patterned Packaging

The packaging design that contains patterns is getting trendy. There are a number of patterns that are used on the packaging but it must be according to the product. Laser cutting enables the innovation of 3D layering, unique cutouts as well as awesome designs. New techniques and methods are introduced to make patterns on the packaging designs. The laser-cut packaging is quite strong and durable. Packaging experts have stated that laser cut and patterned packaging can boost the sales of the products up to 70 percent.

  1.  Texturing

When we talk about texturing, then the expert designers are saturating their creations with diverse textures to enhance their physical excellence. Texturing is used to provide consumers a hint that what is present inside the packaging. It also helps in creating a sense of foresight. Nowadays, the most famous type of texturing includes the marbling, topographic mapping, narrative motifs, and paper pulp. Different product manufacturers choose a different texturing type for their packaging boxes.

  1.  Building a Narrative

According to the packaging experts, good packaging must deliver a message that enables the consumers to link their selves with the brand. It is one of the fascinating trends of packaging designs of the year 2021.

 It moves around the specialty of narrating through outlines. With the help of vital understanding and social patterns, you can easily add a special human touch to your promoting and branding efforts.

Bottom Line

It does not matter if the design is needed for gift packaging or chocolate packaging, it should have all the design elements. The above design guides could be used by different businesses if they want to boost their sales.