Muslims need to have basic knowledge of Islam, and this is not possible without learning the Holy Quran. It is a book of guidance in which Allah has given the ways of living to Muslims. If a Muslim wants to live a life according to Islam, he or she has to follow the instructions of Allah. But now the question is from where to get these instructions?

In the era of prophets, it was not a problem because Muslims have the guidance of Holy Prophets which they get directly from Allah. But now Muslims have the Quran, and it is their guidance till the Day of Judgment. Therefore, all the Muslims must learn the holy Quran and live their life the way it is mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Learning of the Quran

Learning of Quaran has gone through different phases over time. In the past, the first school from Muslims used to learn Holy Quran was their home. At home, all the elders’ members of the family are supposed to teach their younger lot about the Holy Quran how to recite it. It is still being practised and will be till the last day of this world. Because this method of learning the Holy Quran is never going to get old, and it will stay fresh forever. And there is no doubt in it that it is one of the most effective ways of learning the Holy Quran.

There are different places from where a child can learn the Quran, and they include


The first institute of children from where they get a basic knowledge of Holy Quran is their house. The parents and grandparents of kids are their first tutors, and they are the first person who makes them familiar with the Holy Quran. They teach them the basics and start from Noorani Qaida. Noorani Qaida is learned to make up the base of kids and also of the people who converted into Islam. After the kids get their basic knowledge from home, parents send their kids to Madrassa or hire a tutor for them.


The Madrassa is the second place from where they learn Quran from professional. The person who teaches the Holy Quran in a madrassa is known as a Qaari. He is a highly skilled and educated person who has completed his education in this field and has more knowledge of Holy Quran than ordinary people. He has spent his life in Learning Holy Quran and has a purpose of giving that knowledge to younger generations.

The Madrassa is the second institute for kids, and from here they learn both the Noorani Qaida and then after completing it they move forward to the Holy Quran. First, they correct their mistakes of Noorani Qaida, and when they get perfect in reciting it, they start the Holy Quran. And once the kids are done with learning the Quran, they move forward for further studies.

Quran academies

Quran academies are the most powerful platform, and people who join Quran academies are mostly done with their raw and are looking forward to furthering studies. Quran academies have a more skilled teacher, and they are primarily scholars and have a vast knowledge of Islam and the Holy Quran. The scholars who are part of Quran academies have teaching experience of years and are there to solve issues of people to guide them with the right path. Quran academies are arranged in different parts of the world, but the most famous among them is the Madinah Quran academy. The scholars over there are very skilled in their field, and they have a bundle of knowledge which they share with their students.

In Quran academies, different sessions are conducted. Some are for discussing the other Surahs and verses of the Holy Quran, where the scholars tell the students about the revelation of verses. While in others the background of the Surahs that were revealed. Others are conducted for teaching the basics of Holy Quran like How to recite the Holy Quran in the best form and what is the translation of the different letters and alphabets of the Holy Quran.

Quran sessions

In Quran session’s people from different areas come and become a part of them. The groups of people who join these sessions discuss the various problems where people ask questions from scholars regarding any issue. And then the scholars who are conducting those sessions give the answers to questions of people. And solve the Queries of people in light of the Holy Quran. These sessions are working in both physical and online form. In physical sessions, only limited people can join them, but online sessions give access to all the Muslims living in different parts of the world. They can join these sessions via their phones and laptops and can ask anything from the scholar.

Quran sessions are the biggest platforms, and they have made learning of the Holy Quran and Islam very easy as there is no barrier of travelling, or not having the time to go to attend Quran classes. They have made it very easy for people as they can carry on learning without going anywhere and can continue even while sitting at their home.