The demand for wafer-core & wafer-plated conveyor equipment and wafer-die products in the San Jose area has increased dramatically over the past decade, as evidenced by the thousands of new jobs within this area alone. Among other specialty areas, San Jose has been a center for wafer-core & wafer-die processing for many years, but the demand for high-volume, low-density wafer-core & wafer-die processing remains high. The primary equipment manufacturers in the San Jose area are Wafer-Mill Works, Inc., San Jose Integrated Materials, Inc., and Foresight Technologies, Ltd. To meet these growing needs, many companies are seeking additional space or additional production capabilities, but finding adequate room or storage is an issue that must be addressed before long-term investments begin to take shape.

San Jose is one of the ideal places in which to locate a variety of die-grind operations, as the highly regarded companies have several accounts located here. San Jose accounts for about half of the business for Wafer-Mill Works Inc., with the balance of production and fabrication activity taking place in the five-county area of California. Some of the main customers of San Jose based companies include: Bee Systems Inc. (Aerospace & Missile), FMC Technologies Inc. (Optical Technology), Waverly Industries Inc. (Plumbing & Electrical), Wafer-Kerdi Inc. (Wafer-Based Die Casting), and Silhouette Products, Inc. (Reverse Osmosis). Of course, if you do not need to process extremely large volumes of wafer-based die, then other locations are great options, including Texas, Georgia, New York, Ohio and California.

When it comes to manufacturing and/or employment, there are literally thousands of companies across the nation that utilize wafer-core & wafer-die products in their everyday operations. This wide-ranging industry is so vast, in fact, that many companies with locations outside the United States actually conduct business in another country. In addition, there are companies that specialize in only producing or hiring wafer-core manufacturers and place products for others as well. A company that offers Wafer Pick & Place Services from this standpoint may be better known as a place manufacturer or place purchaser.

Some of these manufacturers purchase wafers and place them in a different location throughout the nation for clients who need them. These manufacturers typically contract out the packaging and labor for their services. However, there are some companies that manufacture and place products on-site in a variety of locations throughout the nation. Many of these services purchase their wafers from high-quality manufacturers around the world. Some examples of such manufacturers include Alstom, GAFA, GE and ThyssenKrupp Access.

Another term used to refer to these types of place services is 'packing & place.' Packaging and placing are two completely different processes, even though both involve the manufacture of wafers. This is because the materials that are used to manufacture the wafer must be shipped via truck to a location where the company manufactures them. Other companies, however, ship the raw materials straight to the client's location.

Wafer-making and packing processes often go hand-in-hand. It can be quite a chore to find the exact wafer that one needs to use for a particular job. There are a large number of companies that offer these types of place services to individuals, as well as large companies. These companies are able to source all types of wafers, no matter what they are made from. For individuals who need to place an order quickly, these types of service providers are an excellent solution.