MSN is one of Microsoft's most popular services and you'll probably be using it every day. It provides you with the option "Remember my password" to save your login and password, so you do not need to re-enter your MSN password every time you sign in to your MSN Messenger.

If you Forgot MSN Password, most of the users would find it normal. You can build an MSN account, use it for some time, but if you stop logging in for some time, forget about the correct password. In this post, I'll talk about recovering the password for the MSN website. It is better if you have a brief idea about the website and its services before we proceed to the recovery procedures section.

Way to Fix and Recover Forgot MSN Email Password:

Step 1). Firstly, navigate to the https:/ URL.

Step 2). Open Windows Live Messenger, And by pressing the sign-in button, try to sign in.

Step 3). If Windows Live Messenger immediately lets you in, without needing a password.

Step 4). Which means your. Login to MSN. It is saved on the local system, and it is easy to recover.

Step 5). If the above steps does not work, select and click the "I Forgot My Password" option.

Step 6). Then click the "Reset Your Password" tab.

Step 7). Once all of the above steps are completed, you will be asked to enter your Windows Live ID needed to reset your account password.

Step 8). Now you are prompted to enter the captcha you see in the dialog box. Once it's done, click on the "Next" tab. If you've chosen to retrieve the link via SMS or an email recovery account, the reset password link will be sent to your alternative account or phone.

Note: You will have to wait until the link is sent to your mobile or email address if you have chosen to receive the link via SMS or alternate email.

If you can not reset your MSN password on your own, please dial our MSN customer support number For contact details please click here.