An embroidered area is a decorative element that carries a design rendered in thread. In many cases, these patches are designed to attach to a garment by heating with an iron, melting the patch to the garment fabric. It is also common to see patches that are sewn onto fabric elements. Patches are often used in place of embroidering directly on a garment for practical reasons. It is possible to find embroidered patches in many designs, and custom patches can be ordered as well.

The basic design of an embroidered patch involves a somewhat stiff base embroidered with a design, usually covering the entire patch with threads. While it is certainly possible to do otherwise, the vast majority of areas have an embroidered border which creates a border for the entire embroidered area. Different patches use different materials, but these elements are usually thicker than light fabric, but still thin enough to be flexible.

A big difference between patches is the way they attach to clothing and other fabric items. Many patches attach to the fabric with a heat sensitive adhesive, which is activated using an iron or other heat source. These patches are usually not removable because the glue is tied to both the fabric and the patch after activation. Other areas are sewn onto fabric objects, which can allow you to remove the patch when needed.

Embroidered patches in Dubai  designs are quite varied, but it is common for this type of item to be used to indicate affiliation to a group or achievement. For example, many schools, medical associations, and clubs have embroidered patches given only to members. This allows these organizations to attach membership information to different types of clothing and items.

Achievements can be designated by spots, as is the case with many children's scout organizations. An embroidered area is typically tied to a specific realization, such as learning an activity. Patches of this type are then applied to a uniform element, and other members usually recognize the results implied by each patch.

While many companies purchase large batches of patches embroidered for business or employee uniforms, it is also possible to design and purchase small batches of custom patches for clubs, family events, or any other purpose. There is often a minimum number of patches that need to be ordered, but sometimes it is possible to find a company that will manufacture a very small number of patches for special purposes. These patches can be attached to almost any woven item, just like patches purchased in a store.

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