Construction projects are quite complex to grasp their ground realities. They are always prone to conflict among the signatory parties of the contract. Sometimes, numerous activities face delays within one project. There are many underlying reasons for delays. But sometimes labor productivity is low during the project, and the reason behind that gets difficult to assess. 

This article aims to introduce you to the factors which are responsible for high or low labor productivity. 

Factors affecting labor productivity in construction projects

Labor productivity is important if you want to avoid delays to the maximum extent. Therefore, you can expect the timely completion of your construction project. The construction industry in the UAE has a rising trend of conducting productivity analysis by professionals during the course of the project. 

If you are in the UAE, you have a plethora of reliable options to choose from. You can easily acquire the services of Construction claim consultants in Dubai to ensure timely assessment of factors and resolution of issues. Key factors affecting labor productivity when the construction project is going on are as follows:

Top 4 factors affecting labor productivity in construction


Often times, contractors want to get the work done faster than it is possible within eight working hours. Sometimes, they have hired a lesser amount of laboring personnel than required for the amount of work at hand. In such cases, contractors force the laborers to work for more than eight hours. 

When they work extra hours, the level of fatigue increases while the amount of rest they get reduces. Whether they pay them extra or not is one thing, the productivity and work efficiency deteriorates significantly.

Stacking of trades

Sometimes, space, where people are working, is very limited considering the amount of work that is going on and the number of people working with each other. With space limitation, it gets difficult to pick or place tools and equipment without hindrances. Personnel has to work in congestion. Thus there’s a lack of convenience for the laborers. 

In such a scenario, not only does the risk of hazards increase, but the productivity of work also decreases. To have an optimum level of productivity maintained during your construction project works, you need to ensure the trades aren’t stacked in a congested area. 

Absenteeism and turnover

Sometimes the construction projects are situated in areas where the demand for laboring personnel is very high. In these areas, construction projects often face a shortage of manpower. Secondly, some areas have frequent instances of severe weather conditions. These conditions call for absenteeism considerably more than in other areas. 

Many laborers leave the site work for one reason or another. Your professional construction expert may help you assess the reason laborers are leaving your project frequently. All of this adds to a reduction in productivity levels.

Errors and omissions

When things aren’t planned well, or the project manager couldn’t anticipate the problems that arise on-site during the project, there is an increased probability of errors and omissions. Change in plans on various occasions is thus a need and affects the productivity of workers on the site. 

In case of errors and omissions, you will need to divert the resources, dilute the supervision, crash some activities, and perform others out of sequence. 

Planning to begin with your construction project soon?

Labor productivity is the key to the timely completion of your construction project. Make sure there are no changes in plans. The terms of the contract are respected and followed by all the parties. Well, you will require the help of professional constants to ensure that. 

If you’re in the UAE, you are working in one of the booming construction industries of the world. There are many professional consultancies around you. You can get in touch with the Construction claim consultants in Dubai to save your project from deteriorated labor productivity.

With the help of the foresight and experience-based knowledge of these professionals, you can ensure the successful completion of your construction project. Notwithstanding the inevitability of delays and conflicts, you will be able to sail through the construction process with the utmost success. 

Choose only the best professionals and ensure that the workers get to work in a favorable environment before expecting labor productivity.