Most of the social media users who have stepped into the internet world recently know only about the Facebook messenger app whereas those who are using social media for decades would definitely know about Yahoo Messenger. 

It is an instant messaging service that can be accessed through a laptop, mobile. PC or tablet. Unfortunately, the messenger was shut down on July 17, 2018. Yahoo chat rooms have been closed because they said they did not add enough value for users. 

Reason for Shutting the Yahoo Chat Rooms

There are reports of illegal underage sex rooms, so yahoo felt that their chat rooms are not healthy and it is not adding any sort of good value to the users. Therefore, they decided to shut the yahoo chatting room online.

Still, you can view all the conversations you had with your friend. Does it sound interesting? For that, you will have to open your yahoo in your windows 7 or windows 8.1.

Step 1:

Login to your Yahoo messenger and then open the contacts menu, which will be at the upper tabs. From the various options, select the conversation history, which will contact all your archived conversations. 

Step 2:

The name of the list of people you have had a conversation with will appear. You must click on it to read the interactions you have made with each other. 

Step 3:

From the conversation, you can also print or save all the interactions that you have made. If you want to delete it completely, click delete entire history. 

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