Erectile dysfunction happens due to several underlying factors. These factors range from physical issues to medical and emotional issue. Without causes there will be no erectile dysfunction. We have also seen that some emotional and psychological issues are behind the erection issue in younger males.

Without understanding the causes, younger males use medicines to overcome the causes and get a hard penile erection. The use of Generic Viagra 200 mg has increased precisely due to instant erection demand of males. Mental issues are increasing in males as a major obstacle to erection in younger males. The proper diagnose and treatment of mental issues reverses the erectile issues.

Role of anxiety, depression and psoriasis in causing erectile dysfunction

All these mentioned causes are behind the erection issue in males. Anxiety and depression come under mental issues. They affect the mind. A person with anxiety and depression cannot participate in the erection process. He may have no desire or inclination for an intimate moment with the partner.

Again anxiety and depression may have several reasons behind them. Anxiety could be due to lack of confidence in sexual intercourse. It could be performance anxiety. Or anxiety may be linked to your fear that you may not be able to satisfy your partner.

The anxiety makes nervous, and that, in turn, affects erection of the penis. That is why anxiety always affects younger males more than senior or aged males. The major reason why a young male uses medicines like Generic Levitra 60mg is to gain confidence by removing fear of erectile dysfunction . With a single tablet, they know they cannot loss penile erection.

Role of depression in erectile dysfunction 

Depression means losing total interest in interesting things of life. A depressed person is devoid of any energy and zeal for life. He neglects his appearance, diet, and shows no interest in things he once had a deep interest. Again, there may be many reasons for depression. The reasons could be personal or professional. It could be business related, relationship related or it could also be due to lack of confidence in future.

Depression adversely affects the mind. When mind is not interested in sexual intercourses, nothing can cause penile erection. Mind has to play the part in the erection process. When mind is absent, the erection process cannot even start. The erection thought generates in the mind, the mind triggers the central nervous system, which releases nitrate oxide in the blood vessels. The nitrate oxide dilates the blood vessels to increase blood flow. When the thought of sex is not generated in the mind, how can an erection process take place?

In both these cases of anxiety and depression, the role of erectile dysfunction medicines is limited. When there is no desire in a man for sex, the medicines will not be of much help. However, anxiety levels can be lowered with the help of a dose like Cenforce 100mg. If the anxiety levels are due to low sexual confidence, then the dose of any erectile dysfunction can be very helpful.

Psoriasis and its role in erectile dysfunction 

It is a skin disease leading to rapid build -up of skin cells. The common areas where skin is affected are hands, elbow, neck, face, and scalp. The chances are that same skin condition is also possible in areas around mouth and genitals. With counseling and use of Tadalafil 60 mg one can enjoy the sexual aspect of life.

A man with psoriasis often suffers bouts of depression and anxiety. and if the condition is on the penis , then the chances of erectile dysfunction are very high .The possibility of a man with this disease facing depression and anxiety are higher compared to other males. A man with psoriasis on the penis is directly affected. Psoriasis on other parts of the body affects psychologically. In both the conditions they face erectile dysfunction.