Psilocybin is a popular category of magic mushrooms across the globe. There are over 180 different species within this category that are richly colored in tan and come with a unique taste, texture, and an intense high. mushroom edibles date back to existing as an innate part of several cultures since over 7000 years ago. The cave drawing suggests that the ingredient was a crucial part of spirituality and religion in some regions.

Magic mushrooms are often referred to as shrooms and can have a heavy impact on mood, perception, and behavior of individuals who consume them. The high from magic mushrooms is unique and initiates a journey of abstract visuals and an intense bodily high. It can give a distorted sense of time with an array of illusions and emotional shifts that could change from time to time.


Magic mushrooms have been useful in several parts of the world as a recreational drug. But today, science shows that these magic fungi could do a lot more than just give you a fun high to cherish. They can deliver a spectrum of health benefits, including treating pain, improving brain functions, and treating addiction. Some say that a psilocybin experience could, in fact, alter a person’s personality permanently to make them more open to life and new experiences that come their way.

Psilocybin can have therapeutic benefits in the right dosages. Micro dosing on magic mushrooms is becoming a popular method for treating ailments, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, and for elevating creativity, openness, and enhancing memory.

Why Mushroom Tea?

All these exciting facts about psilocybin could get you geared up to try them too. But even all these benefits seem insignificant compared to the uncomfortable taste of the fungi that makes it almost impossible to eat these mushrooms directly. Although it is the most popular means of consuming it, the experience could be slightly off-putting for many novice users. 

Also, for users looking out to psilocybin for therapeutic benefits, there is an emphasis on the dosage levels, which is pretty much impossible to control in the case of raw mushrooms. Yet another reason for looking for alternatives to consuming raw mushrooms is that eating them could cause immediate nausea in some people, which could become an unsettling experience.


But all these problems can go away if you simply learn how to make some delicious magic mushroom tea recipe that will blend the flavors of some enriching spices to give you a wholesome high. Here are some vibrant tea recipes you can prepare with your psilocybin and enjoy.

An elegant hot water infusion

The hot water preparation method is the easiest of all methods to brew a fresh cup of plain psilocybin tea. These fungi are water-soluble and hence are easy to dissolve in hot water.


What you need

1.       2 grams Psilocybin mushrooms

2.       500 ml hot water

3.       Mason Jar

4.       Filter or cloth

How to prepare

1.       In a mason jar, add the psilocybin cut in small pieces.

2.       Pour hot water into the jar and mix them.

3.       If you feel the flavors might be too raw, add a teabag to the hot water along with the shrooms to get some soothing flavors.

4.       The shrooms must mostly dissolve into water.

5.       Strain the liquid and add a few drops of honey or sweetener to enjoy the brew.

Alternatively, you can also skip the filtering step and enjoy the small chunks of mushroom from the tea if you don’t mind the taste. You can also grind dry mushrooms beforehand to ensure they completely dissolve in water without leaving any residue. This preparation method is useful for both dry as well as fresh mushrooms.

Lemon Elixir

The fresh flavors of citrus that vibrantly embody the tea gives a zesty experience to start your high. Lemon juices ease the digestive trouble you may face after taking psilocybin tea. Also, the compounds of the mushroom combine with lemon to convert to psilocin, and hence users feel high much faster and stronger than normal ingesting. But remember the fast high also takes you through a quick trip.


What you need

1.       3 ml lemon Juice

2.       2 grams Psilocybin mushrooms

3.       500 ml water

4.       Pan

5.       Mason Jar

How to prepare:

1.       In a mason jar, add a few spoons of lemon juice.

2.       Add small pieces of freshly cut mushrooms to the jar and let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes.

3.       In a pan, boil water and pour the lemon and mushrooms mixture into it.

4.       Stir the mixture for about 20 minutes in low flame.

5.       Remove from flame and add a few drops of honey or any other sweetener of your choice before you serve.

 Lemon juice might be appropriate for novice users who are afraid of feeling paranoid or would like to cut their high short if they begin to panic.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is also a powerful ingredient that can boost immunity and elevate the therapeutic properties of psilocybin. It adds a spicy and strong touch to the tea and eases digestion. You can use dry ginger powder, small slices of ginger, or ginger-infused herbal tea bags for this preparation.

What you need

1.       2 grams Psilocybin

2.       1 ginger herbal tea or 10 grams of dry ginger powder

3.       500 ml water

4.       Pan 

5.       2 tablespoons of fresh orange juice or lemon juice

6.       A small cup

How to prepare

1.       In a small cup, add the truffles and ginger powder or herbal tea bag.

2.       Boil water in a pan and let it cool for a moment before you pour it into the cup.

3.       Add a few drops of fresh orange juice or lemon juice along with some honey or sweetener to taste before you serve

Adding lemon juice or orange juice helps settle stomach acidity caused due to the combinations of ingredients used previously.

Magic Chai Tea

If you would like your tea to exhibit more spices and flavors, preparing a bend of magic mushrooms with Chai tea is a perfect choice. You can use your own chai tea spice mixture or make a simple powder by mixing black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove and add it to your spice box to use whenever.


What you need

1.       2 grams Psilocybin mushrooms as required

2.       1 tablespoon coconut milk

3.       1 tablespoon coconut oil

4.       500 ml of water

5.       1 tea bag

6.       1 tablespoon chai spice blend

7.       Pan

8.       Blender

How to prepare:

1.       In a pan, add water, teabag, and chai powder and slowly bring it to boil.

2.       Simmer and let the mixture infuse for about 20 minutes

3.       While the mixture is brewing, in a blender, add the coconut milk, oil, a drop of honey or other sweeteners, and the mushroom and blend for about 30 seconds.

4.       Add the mixture to the chai and let it boil for 2 minutes.

5.       Remove the tea and add to a cup and sprinkle cinnamon and ginger shavings to garnish.

Enjoy these delicious Mushroom tea recipes for a fantastic high.