Path Of Exile‘s next expansion is called Echoes Of The Atlas. It adds the usual combination of new features to free hackers and hacks, including new maps, endgame content and new challenge alliances. You can play it on January 15. The 3.13 update of Path Of Exile is called "Echo of the Atlas". It introduces 11 new maps, re-set postures, passive skill trees for atlas game maps, and a new terminator boss, Buy POE Orbs is the universal currency in the game, used to reorganize a series of passive skill trees.

The new Atlas passive tree is a skill tree located on the game map, each area has a different skill tree. Every time the Path Of Exile expansion will introduce a new challenge alliance, players can compete to enter the level with brand new characters. This time is the Ritual League, in which players trigger a ritual that summons a large number of enemies to kill, and each ritual triggered also summons each enemy from each ritual completed previously. It seems that the number of enemies will gradually increase to a ridiculous number, but some systems allow you to adjust the risk and reward of each battle before starting the battle.

The new endgame content focuses on a creepy new character, Maven, who likes to watch you fight. By defeating the boss, you will eventually be able to summon her to any part of the map so that she can see you fighting other bosses. The success of these battles eventually prompted Maven to invite you into her kingdom, where she created copies of the bosses that she had previously defeated, so you can increase the number at the same time, at most you can fight at the same time. You can also purchase POE Currency before starting the alliance to enhance your combat effectiveness.

For many years, the developers of Path of Exile released new extensions every three months, with little failure. The latest expansion is a rare case of a reduction in one of its release dates, but this is not because it has not yet been completed. This is because they don't want to be released at the same time as "Cyberpunk 2077". Who can blame them? Everyone got rid of the shackles of cyber beasts. Path Of Exile is one of the best RPGs on PC and one of the best free PC games. If you need to POE Currency Buy, please visit our website POECurrency.