I see most people are busy judging others, passing Comments on others, its like they are not living in themselves but in others life, all secrets about other people, their happiness, their thoughts, their tragedy everything, we are so curious about those people around but are we curious about ourselves? .Do you ever give time to your self, criticising your own self ? You think that you know you, but you don't? if you spend 5 minutes to yourself that's enough for a day to understand your soul, I promise. it's your life. Even not only we criticise others we fear, feel embarrassed most of the time what others will think of me, this is working in both ways. Can we not stop this habit? can we not start living in ourselves?.No third party will help you improve your life so why thinking too much. Live in your passion and be honest to yourself that the only way to improve your quality of life.we don't live much as we always complain about it but if we just use our time whatever left in a day with ourselves, I can say that would be the best time for us.we always think either in past or future even its difference is in fraction of seconds. But when you start living in present you will feel true living.that's the moment you touch reality. because that time you are living in yourself, there should be a purpose of life which is greater than life and you strive for are not trying to prove to the world who you are but to yourself, to find yourself. that's the best journey, and if you are true yourself than nothing can stop you to be happy, to be successful the way you want to be. Because at that time you will feel how individual you are, how unique you are and how different you are. And this way your behavior to others will be changed also, you will feel not only your individuality but every human on earth, because they are all individual, they deserve respect, love, protection just like you need. So Be SIMPLE to yourself, be ALIVE in Your heart and most important be HONEST.