I recall way back throughout school days, I used to hate waking up in the morning which I still do and getting dressed for school, recollecting all the former day’s schoolwork that was enforced upon all of us. I used to contemplate to myself every day, “Oh god! When will I nurture up and there’ll be no load of studies all the freaking time”. Nonetheless, now I would just do whatsoever to go back to my school days, sit down in my classroom, play blazes and tic tac toe with my groupmates, talk juicy gossip on who has an affection on whom. I am sure there are a million other remembrances that we have around our childhood school days, how about reviving them right here, right now?

Starting with our morning prayers played a very important role in life by giving lots of things a student should have like discipline which we need to maintain throughout the assembly, by realising the value of time by coming early in the assembly, by giving a ray of hope, by having faith in God, by relaxing our mind through yoga and other extra-curricular activities. I am remembering that incident when we used to perform various activities during morning assembly and waiting for the national anthem to end. Pressure when we need to give morning thoughts in front of the entire school. These small things somehow raised our confidence level and actually helped us to get over with that fear of failing.

Nowadays when I was scrolling down Quora feed and come across with questions like What are the best ways to conduct effective morning assembly? Then it makes me realize, my school time when my class teacher used to give guidance to me just before the assembly and making sure that everything is up to the mark.