After failed IVF Treatment, your thoughts are bombarded with so many questions like 

What went so incorrect? 

Why did you have to undergo a failed IVF cycle? 

You are probably feeling a lot of emotions—disappointment, sadness, maybe even anger that you didn’t get the result you wanted from fertility treatment.

In this article, various reasons that can be responsible for the failed IVF treatment are discussed below by Dr. Pranay Shah

A failed IVF cycle also frequently leads to exclusion (or perceived exclusion) from peer groups. Friends of childbearing age are focused on family-centric activities and schedules, which can isolate infertile individuals and couples. This only amplifies that damaging internal narrative that the rest of us are “childless” or “incomplete.” 

But relax, 

Failure of IVF remedy is not something that can not be dealt with. Not all the issues that influence IVF success can be corrected, but some can be addressed to help make the next cycle more likely to result in a pregnancy.

Possible Reasons For Failed IVF Cycle

Reasons at the back of the failed IVF cycle are provided down by IVF Specialist in Ahmedabad

Failed IVF cycle isn't always unusual and it’s no longer simply you. It is a completely common trouble and typically, for some couples, it takes 2-3 IVF cycles to get pregnant with a baby. There are many factors that bring about IVF failure.

1. Age:
Age of a female and her associate plays a great role in successful IVF treatment. Probability of failed IVF cycle for the female below 35 years of age is lower than the girl above 35 – forty years of age. Age of the egg topics if used a donor egg because the egg nice weakens as the age increases.

2. Chromosomal Abnormalities:
With the extended age, chromosomal abnormalities also will increase that leads to extra probabilities of miscarriage and failure of pregnancy. Embryo shaped after fertilization starts off evolved showing unusual behavior resulting in IVF failure.

3.Sperm nice:
Sperm used in the course of IVF treatment should be of desirable satisfactory. Low sperm pleasant is the very common element for miscarriage and mistaken fertilization of embryo to bring about being pregnant.

4. Problems with egg retrieval:
Sometimes the stimulation of ovaries isn't always right even after IVF medicines which end up in the production of lower than anticipated eggs and of worse quality. This makes it tough to retrieve desirable great eggs for fertilization.

5.Imperfect embryo implantation:
After fertilization, proper positioning of the embryo into the uterus is needed to bring about being pregnant. When an embryo isn't always placed at the required region, it hinders the growth and improvement of an embryo and consequences in a failed IVF cycle.