It does not affect your daily routine what the world think of your country but when you leave your country; your first identity is your nationality.

No doubts, stereotypes are common and everywhere but if they last long they can form a layer over your brain making you believe that they are true.

India has so many languages. Thus so many accents but thanks to Simpsons, everyone thinks that we talk in 'Appu' accent.

Not every Indian is a boring, dull or engineer or doctor. We have so many other world class professionals and artists. Not everyone is Raj of 'The Big Bang Theory.'

But the sad reality is that even our own so called fellow citizens or half Indians, are increasing these 'stereotypes' by their 'Patriotic Act.'

We Indians are capable of more than what we think but we underestimate ourselves. It is high time, if not now then when? Ask yourself.