For making friendship, one has to identify a good behavioral person. 

Limitation in friendship is to be maintained.

Too much friendship is also dangerous.

Friend’s family circle is also to be know very well.

Friendship cannot long last.

After few years of friendship, the acquaintance of friendship will fade away.

After marriages, friends will slowly part ways due to personal and family problems.

Money affairs will make friendship miserable, which will make the friendship in doldrums.

While making friendship, beforehand one to know the friends mentality.

Friend movements are to be observed.

Close Friends also became enemies.

Only time bound friendship is to be maintained.

In the name of friendship, friend may ask for financial favors or domestic favors, which may become obligatory in certain situations.

In the name of friendship, a friend can and may deceive his/her close friend.

In the name of friendship, friend may move very close, which will irk other family member.

Close friendship may cause severe damage to reputation, at times, in social circles.

Friend friendship cannot be trusted in business or in any financial dealings. There are many cases of misfire in financial, personal and business issues.

Child friendship is different. School friendship is different. College friendship is different. Business friendship is different. Financial support friendship is different. Relatives circle members friendship is different. After marriage, close friendship is to be avoided with outsiders.

This is by virtue of my experience in making friendships right from my childhood, and i confronted many an impediments and even lost heavily in finance matters. Many misfired back in many cases.

Why friendship is necessary. Is it essential? Can't anybody live without friendship? Can't one be self-reliant?

I will tell you so many examples on this.