Kalanchoe is a succulent perennial plant also called as devil's spine or spine.The plant is found in Madagascar.It is also called as bryophyllum.It can be consumed as infusion of tea,from extract of leaves,drink as juice and take as supplement capsules.It is a very useful plant.


Protects oral health:juice is used to treat gingivitis and oral inflammation caused by periodontal disease.Juice from the plant is made with boiled water and then chilled and then consumed to get relief.

Treat Rhinitis:Kalanchoe herbal juice is available in the market,it can also be cooked in the house.This juice helps to treat mucous rhinitis.It should be consumed 2-3 times as an infusion.

Combat ulcers:juice treats trophic ulcers in veins,stomach and post-traumatic ulcers.It can be applied  externally to the wound.

Treatment of cancer: kalanchoe has chemicals which exhibit cytotoxic activity against cancer cell lines.It helps to stop proliferation,self-renewal and spread of cancer cells

Protects Female Reproductive system: the juice prevents urinary tract infections and complications of the cervix. Kalanchoe ointment helps to prevent against bacteria and disinfect against that area.

Combat back pain: if a person suffers backache hot kalanchoe leaves can be applied on the back.

Good analgesic:for headaches and migraines apply hot kalanchoe leaves.Heat leaves in the microwave and apply on forehead till one feels relieved.

Removes styes from the eyes:the leaves are warmed and applied on the sty affected eye.It helps to reduce the redness of the eye and removes the stye.

Takes care of health of the feet:fungus on the feet can be cured.

Good treatment for sunburn:hot blades can be applied on the area of sunburn.Paste of the leaves can be applied on the affected area.

Heals warts:crushed leaves are applied on the affected area.

Combats disease of ear,nose and throat:kalanchoe nasal drops can be used with a syringe.Otitis and sinusitis can be cured with kalanchoe juice.

Fights wrinkles:kalanchoe juice and a teaspoon of honey can help reduce facial wrinkles.

Relaxes the muscles:hot leaves when applied can act as a muscle relaxant

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