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Wireless Adaptors are the device that wirelessly connects all your internet-enabled devices to the Wi-Fi connection. Netgear is seen as one of the most proficient devices in this category. The Netgear Wireless Adaptor will connect all your laptops and desktops to a Wireless N network for online applications such as online streaming, secure connection to the internet, etc. You need to install the software, Netgear Genie in the system and later it asks you to insert the adaptor. You need to insert the USB adaptor into the desktop dock, then the wireless adaptor into the dock and then later connect the USB Cable to the device’s USB port. However, many users have complained about having issues with the wireless adaptor, especially in Windows 10. To solve the particular problem, you can read the blog and implement the steps shared for manual troubleshooting. In case, you require instant solutions and are completely annoyed with the error, then dial Netgear router Customer Care phone number right away and avail technical assistance.

You might have noticed that the adaptor will work fine when you start the system, but after some time it loses the internet connection even though this issue can be fixed by unplugging and plugging the adaptor again. But for how many times would you rely on these solutions. You need to fix the trouble once and for all.

Fixing the Netgear Wireless Adaptor issues in Windows 10

Solution 1- Check the hardware and software of the equipment

Ensure that the hardware of the Netgear is up to the place. You can try connecting it to various USB ports to different computers. If it works fine, then the issue is with your PC and not with the adaptor.

Solution 2- Change the power settings

To change the power settings of the system to make it vital for Netgear adaptor’s performance. To solve the power-related settings and enable them by default you can either disable USB selective suspend or the WLAN Adapter suspend.

Solution 3- Update Netgear drivers

If the Netgear drivers are not updated, it can become one of the reasons behind this trouble. You need to install the latest drivers, and mostly, they are done automatically.

Solution 4- Deleting the network adapter driver and then scan for new hardware

If nothing works, then, you can proceed to work with the default drivers. But for this, you must install the drivers that you have currently installed.

Getting in touch with Netgear customer support

If you are still facing issues and not able to troubleshoot it manually, then you need to dial the Netgear router technical support phone number immediately. It connects you to the technical executives who will guide you with everything for solving the error.

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