Do you want to find the most popular Jewelry every woman loves?

We have revealed the most popular jewelry list of 2019 – Are you ready to add them to your Wishlist?

Some Interesting Facts

According to a survey, 39 % of women love to own earrings than any other jewelry. 79% of women love hoops, chandeliers, dangling earrings, and jhumkas. 30% showed interest for studs. Interestingly, 35.4 % of women prefer a necklace and bangles. 25% of them love rings, pendants, chains, and other accessories.

Isn’t that true?

Whether India or overseas, Indian fashion Jewellery has become widely popular and famous. Indian Jewelry has found takers across different countries. The dazzling looks, unusual patterns, and finely crafted designers never fail to attract women!


Here’s a List of Diverse Jewelry Pieces That Are Trending in 2019

1. Traditional Necklace

The traditional necklace is extensively used for functions, parties, and wedding. The top-notch designer jewellery creates gorgeous blooms as it gains a symbolic status in the fashion market.

Traditional Necklace

2. Rani Haar

A beautiful fashion jewelry piece that can glam up your traditional look. Compliment your neckline with a flexible, spread-out Rani haar to complete your look. Style it with a wide range of outfits!

Rani Haar

3. Chandbali Earrings

You already know that women love earrings! You can never have enough of these. Lovely chandbalis are evergreen and popular. They are bold and traditional and should make it on your jewelry list.

Chandbali Earrings

4. Latest Jhumka Design

Be wise and choose the right jhumkas for a stylish look. Colorful Jumka designs are a crucial focus for this year. Thankfully, the never-ending possibilities of jhumka designs allow you to stay in style.

Latest Jhumka Design

5. Choker Jewelry

They are a pretty piece of Jewelry that snuggle around your neck. They are comfortable, and it’s a hot trend in 2019. Top Stylists prefer choker for both traditional and modern outfit. Figure out the perfect design and color that works best for you!

Choker Jewelry

6. Traditional Hand Bracelet

Let the classic hand bracelets adorn your wrists and shower endless elegance! It’s a timeless piece of accessory that every woman should have. Check out the latest designs with new twists!

Traditional Hand Bracelet

7. Maang Tikka

Fashion Maang Tikka is more spirited and can add an interesting look to your style. These can be worn to the wedding and all occasions based on the design and style you choose.

Maang Tikka

8. Ladies Payal

It’s been in trend for quite some time! You must have seen models sporting payal and anklets in exciting designs and styles. Shimmery ones, simple, and layered ones are the recent trend. How many pair have you got?

Ladies Payal

9. Bahubali Earrings

The historical movie introduced these ancient pieces of Jewelry that still tops the favorite list. Make an exquisite statement with the Bahubali earrings because they are simply beautiful and stunning!

Bahubali Earrings

10. Nose Rings

Various designs of nose rings have graced woman. Different styles of nose rings are trending this year. It reflects your personality and a must to have an accessory!

Nose Rings

How many of these do you own? Leave a comment below!

Are you ready to carefully pick fashion jewelry collections that strike the perfect balance of style, design, and trend?

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