We are all are human being. Numerous aspects aid to frame a student or an educator. In life, one essential overwhelmed a horde of problems. We can only endeavour to do our superlative and allow the fries tumble where they could.

Am I simple to contemplate that there are no bad educators or teachers? Of course not. I had a mathematics teacher who would engrave two or three things on the blackboard and then inform us that we were accountable for the whole part. The only entity we figured in his class was chapters per minute. A girl was deplorable in his period on parent’s teacher meet. When I questioned her what was the reason, she held she had acquired A grade in every subject, but Mathematics was her first B. What should I say to my parents? She replied. I aspired to feel remorseful for her, however, the rest of the students were got C or below. So sure, there are bad educators.

There are likewise bad students. Indolent, was the more suitable word. They always desired to copy-paste your homework or your exam paper. You only come to be out of school what you set in.

I got distressed in Mathematics. It’s not that I was not pushing my effort, I just could not comprehend it. I distinct to cheat an exam for the foremost and only spell in my life. When my desk mate got his answer sheet back he had 100%. I thought YES, I scored 100%. How do you know? he questioned. I simply replied as I copied your answers. The angry look on his face was invaluable. As my row’s result was being exhausted, I saw an answer sheet with a 0 at the top. Could not be mine. As the answer sheets moved out the 0 was still there and that answer sheet belongs to me. I was like What the hell? How’s it possible? Now, my desk mate was laughing hilariously. The teacher proclaimed, “I will be aware of some of you would try to cheat, so I provided every further row with a unique test.” I could not even cheat my way over! Helps me right. Let that be an experience to you.

Teachers are a human being. Few can teach, few cannot.

Students are also a human being. Few can learn, few cannot or do not want to.

Good educators can harvest good students.

Bad educators can harvest bad students.

Few students can downtrodden bad coaching.

Good teachers cannot compel all students to study.

School is a miniature of life. You cannot simplify when it emanates to education, just as you cannot simplify the impact that students and teachers have on each other. There are countless defects.

In a perfect world, everybody sets out their best determination. In reality, we see that this does not always occur in school or in life expectancy.

So, I can conclude that the teacher will give their best to make sure that every student ends up with a great result but it’s a student responsibility to make sure that efforts of teacher are worth it by putting his best because when the best and best combined it gives something extraordinary which world has never seen.