A boy was living happily with his family of 13 including his father and his two uncle's living with their respective families under one roof. When the boy turned 24 he started notice an interesting thing in everyday life about married couples i.e the man is always forced to take side between his wife and his mother.  He noticed that his father is always forced to take side between his mother and his grandmother as he was put in middle of their fight everyday  therefore making the life of his father a living hell. He found the same situation in marriage of his sister as his brother-in-law was forced to take sides between his sister and her mother-in-law giving the same result.  The boy started to think that these things may be coincidence but from he was shocked to see his same story going on in every household and the condition of the men there because this choice was making the lives of their family worse making them responsible. So the boy started to develop a feeling of disliking and phobia towards marriage but when he fell in love with with a girl he thought he could make an exception of this trend going on in every household.  After a lot of thinking he proposed the girl he loved for marriage which she later accepted after taking a lot of time to think. Both of them were very happy and used to talk everyday regarding their future together etc.  but one day when the boy slept after taking to his wife-to-be he woke up after hearing the scream of a girl. He found himself lying on the hospital floor and his wife-to-be on the bed screaming in pain with doctors checking on her leaving the boy confused. Boy started taking to himself -  What the hell is going on ?  How I got here?  Why I was lying on floor?  Why is she screaming? . As it turns out the girl was screaming in pain as she delivering his child but this was impossible as they were not married and never had a physical relation. Soon the girl gave birth to a baby boy filling their families with joy and happiness but the boy was unable to process the things going on .  After they came home with the baby the boy was shocked to see their wedding pictures hanging on the wall, so the boy decided to go with the flow. All of them were happy but after few months doctor told him that - Your wife is perfectly fine and she can do regular household work without any tension. The mother of boy was doing all the household alone from the day his wife got pregnant and till now but hearing the doctor the mother told her that -  You should start helping me in the household work.  From the very next day the wife stopped coming out of her room and refuse to help his mother but when he asked to her to help his mother she threatened him to file a case of domestic violence against him and his family. So in order to save his marriage his mother accepted to do all the household work therefore increasing the tension in the family. After some time is mother got seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital therefore his wife was forced to do all the work .  After two days the wife left him, took his son with her and started living with her parents. After few days they boy received the divorce notice from the girl and his mother died to due to illness. When the boy got this news he started screaming - No this can't be happening when suddenly the woke up from his bed. Quickly the boy ran to the other room and was really happy to see his mother sleeping on her bed with his father by her side. When the boy came back to his room he saw it was early morning and he realised he was dreaming. Suddenly he got the call from the girl telling him to meet him to discuss their future. 

I am asking you guys what should the boy do now, whether he should continue with his proposal  or rethink after he had such a nightmare  ?