Sheet metal machine

Sheet metal machine are the machines used to roll down the metal into thin and compressed sheets of different shape size and dimensions . The metal pieces are placed against heavy forces and tools to result in workpiece of desired gradient and size. The machinery is used in factories where the metal are compressed into sheets and other tools.

Parts and working of sheet metal machine

The machine consist of various parts and tools which combines to show the result as the outcome of workpiece or the compressed metal sheets. The different parts included are ram, bed, clutch, brake and drive system. The drive system providing power to the sheet metal machine,the metal is placed on the bed are compressed by the force applied and depends upon the power generated by the machine.

Types of sheet metal machines

Each type of metal machinery produces different types of sheet metals and work on different mechanism and workforce. There are basic five types of sheet metal machinery and are known as :
Power press
Arbour press
Swaging press
Bending machine
Hydraulic bending machine

These different types of sheet metal machinery works on different principle and mechanism, for example the hydraulic machine works with the help of hydraulic cylinders. But all of them perform a specific function od cutting, trimming and grooving metal to sheets and even rods,

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